The Boston Kindness Notecard Campaign

What we all need now, more than ever, is kindness.

Megan Murphy’s Kindness Rocks Project has inspired us at IM Boston to take initiative right here at home. On Thursday June twenty-ninth, and Friday June thirtieth 2017, IM Boston will be launching its very own kindness movement. We are calling it: the Boston Kindness Notecard Campaign.

Similar to our past campaigns, the Boston Kindness Notecard Campaign is designed to connect the community of Boston—specifically by spreading inspiration and kindness. This is especially important in our world today. Now more than ever, what we need is to be compassionate and supportive of one another. With this campaign we hope to not only inspire, but also remind the city of Boston (and everyone, really) of the power of small, kind gestures.

Take part in the Boston Kindness Notecard Campaign

Because we believe a small act of kindness can inspire greatness, our plan for this campaign is simple and rewarding for all involved. From 12-3 p.m. on both days, you can find us in Faneuil Hall by our very own photo booth. Here, members of our team will be handing out note cards, and taking photos. Each notecard will contain an inspirational quote and image that will hopefully make your day. All who stop by will have the chance to meet other Bostonians, and win prizes!

The Boston Kindness Notecard Campaign is something that we truly hope will resonate with all it reaches. This is a time to build community, inspire, and spread love.



The Boston Kindness Notecard Campaign was largely influenced by Megan Murphy’s Kindness Rocks Project. Read our recent article to get the full details behind Megan’s movement, and what exactly it was that inspired us to start our own.

And if you didn’t have the chance to stop by our campaign, take a look at our gallery and full recap for all the details.

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