Ask Boston | Boston Trivia – Challenge your Boston Knowledge

Boston is a city with a very rich history. How much do Boston locals and Boston tourists really know about their favorite city? IM Boston took to the streets of Boston to quiz locals and tourists on their Boston knowledge!

We ask questions about Boston Common, the Boston Red Sox, and so much more. Can you answer these questions?

Check out the full video, and let us know how accurate your Boston knowledge may or may not be!



What does Boston mean to you? To us it means people: people of all colors, lifestyles, backgrounds, social status, and all the stories they come with. People are what makes Boston great. That’s why IM Boston is striving to discover various stories from Boston people. We want to hear your stories of life, love, adversity, triumph, adventure, sorrow, family, and pride. You are what make Boston great. Let’s hear your stories. Lift up your voice.



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