8 Lobster Rolls You’ve Got To Try This Summer

As the 4th of July comes and goes, it’s time to set up your summer bucket list so that you don’t miss out on any of what Boston has to offer this time of year. One of the Bay State’s specialties you can’t forget is of course, lobster rolls. That’s why our team has done the dirty work for you and made a list of the eight best lobster rolls that Greater Boston has to offer. Don’t wait; read through and figure out where ya gonna get ya lobstah fix by the hahbah!

1. Belle Isle Seafood

belle isle seafood lobster roll

Image Courtesy of kellycraves.com

Belle Isle is known for serving one of the largest lobster rolls you can find in the Bay State. This might not even be a lobster roll anymore, but just a whole lobster served with a side of bread! But seriously, for those who want authentic lobster that’s not heavily seasoned, go for the roll that’s the size of your head at Belle Isle!

2. Island Creek Oyster Bar

island creek oyster bar lobster roll

Image Courtesy of timeout.com

This Back Bay venue is the perfect place to escape into luxury flavor, whether or not you get this featured dish. Though not the size of Belle Isle’s, Island Creek’s roll packs in a lot of flavor. If you like thicker, denser bread to balance the flavor of the overflowing lobster, this could certainly be your choice.

3. James Hook & Co.

james hook and co lobster roll

Image Courtesy of thebostonbucketlist.wordpress.com

Why go to a restaurant when you could go straight to the source? James Hook and Co. is a real waterfront shanty that also sells prepared seafood. Right by the Old Northern Ave Bridge, James Hook and Co. is hailed by many as the best lobster roll in Boston; and we can see why. This casual environment is the perfect place to kick back by the water and dive into this New England specialty.

4. Alive and Kicking Lobsters

alive and kicking lobsters lobster roll

Image Courtesy of roadfood.com

Yes, this is a lobster sandwich, but we would both regret if it was left off this list. In fact, many Bostonians say this lobster sandwich is more authentic to the dish than most traditional lobster rolls that are sold. Maybe it’s because the soft bread captures the butter and flavor, maybe it’s the fresh caught lobster meat piled in between; the only thing we know for sure is this is the best lobster “roll” you can find in Cambridge.

5. B&G Oysters

b and g b&g lobster roll

Image Courtesy of bandgoysters.com

If you’re looking for a bland, regular lobster roll, steer clear of B and G. However, if you want a savory buttered roll with lemon zest and seasoning, you’ve found your place. B and G also features specials like a BLT lobster roll. You won’t sacrifice quantity for quality here, though; B and G packs on the meat!

6. Yankee Lobster

yankee lobster lobster roll

Image Courtesy of rfsdelivers.com

If you’re intimidated by lobster rolls the size of your face, Yankee Lobster could be your best bet. But don’t be fooled; just because this lobster is served in a hot dog sized bun doesn’t make it any less delicious. Yankee Lobster doesn’t overload on mayonnaise or seasonings, but delivers caught-that-day lobster flavor. Try this dish fried, hot or regular at Yankee.

7. Row 34

row 34 lobster roll

Image Courtesy of bostonglobe.com

Whether you get it cold or hot, you won’t regret checking out this South Boston venue. Row 34 knows how to perfectly balance the flavors we know and love in our lobster rolls, whether it be mayo and lemon or mayo and seasoning. And although sides aren’t the reason you’re reading this list, the fried, pickles and coleslaw are highlights too.

8. Neptune Oyster

neptune oyster lobster roll

Image Courtesy of foodforfel.com

Yes, we saved the best for last. It’s tough to argue that anyone does this seaside classic better than Neptune. It’s got a hefty price tag, but those dollars aren’t going to waste. Fresh meat. Hot butter. Perfectly grilled roll. Plenty of options for sides. We couldn’t write enough sentences to describe to you how good this roll is, so it looks like you’re just going to have to try it yourself. As if this image wasn’t enough to make you try it anyway!

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