15 Amazing Tweets From Yesterday’s Epic #BostonMarathon

If yesterday proved anything, it’s that inspiring things happen every day- especially in the great city of Boston. With the 2017 Marathon closing, it’s time to look upon all the heart-warming events that happened yesterday; and all the great Boston Marathon tweets!

So whether you attended the event as a participant, a bystander or one of those who were stuck elsewhere- we’re breaking down the significant events through these epic tweets of our fellow Bostonians!

1. Now this is what we call a warm up!

2.Just one of the most inspiring things we’ve seen the whole day…

3. #BostonStrong

4. She’s a living, breathing, inspiration and reminder at how things have changed in the past decades. WE salute you!

5. Heroic acts like this makes our heart warm

6. No better motivation than that, yes?

7. Actress Kate Walsh speaking for those of us who aren’t quite marathon ready…

8. Another overwhelming and tear-jerking moment courtesy of Jourdan Hasay after she broke the U.S. Marathon Debut record by almost three minutes..

10. Such an inspiration for all of us…

11. Of course, Sen. Warren never forgets to send good luck Boston Marathon tweets!

12. No more hurting people. Peace.

13. Aww, we bet he was disappointed!

14. The smile of a true champion!

15. A great example of never giving up,  and how supportive people will still be regardless of when you’ll finish.

The Boston Marathon truly is an inspirational event. But what makes it so inspirational for Bostonians? Check out our video here to see what they have to say!

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