Boston Nightlife For Those Under 21

Boston Nightlife under 21

When you reach the age of 18-20, it’s easy to envy your 21 year-old friends and their freedom to spend their weekend nights enjoying Boston bars. With a desire to go out, meet new people, and not sit around on a Friday night, it can sometimes be difficult to think up plans beyond ordering a pizza. This list suggests alternatives to the Boston bar scene for those under 21, and over 21, to check out.


Locations to visit: The Middle East, Brighton Music Hall, Paradise Rock Club

There’s nothing quite like the experience of seeing your favorite band live. This alternative to the club scene provides you with the upbeat, fun, loud atmosphere that you would get at a bar, paired with your favorite music. The Middle East is a venue that hosts primarily 18+ concerts and also as an art gallery, with local and international art on the walls of several rooms. It consists of two family-style restaurants with full service bars, three rooms with live music, and an elegant restaurant, ZuZu.


Location to visit: Limelight Stage and Studio

Regardless of if you’re an amazing vocalist or can hardly sing a single correct note, karaoke never fails to lead to laughs and a fun night. Limelight Studios offers Asian-Style karaoke boxes that can be rented out for private events, the largest room fitting up to 40 people. Each room offers over 11,000 songs in eight languages, including Chines and Korean songs. Studio rentals are charged by the hour and reservations are encouraged.


Location to visit: Sacco’s Bowl Haven

Sacco’s Bowl Haven is one of the best places to experience the famous New England sport, candlepin bowling. This sport, similar to tenpin bowling aside from the smaller pins and balls and other small details, is a New England classic. In 2010 it was sold to the Flatbread Company and now includes gourmet pizza to enjoy while you bowl. This combination has made Sacco’s a popular nightlife destination for young adults and a great night out for families with young kids as well.

Improv Comedy Club

Location to visit: Improv Boston

When in doubt, comedy is always the answer. For over 30 years, Improv Boston has offered award winning improv, standup, and sketch comedy performances, as well as instructive classes to the people of Boston. This nonprofit arts organization puts on performances Wednesday-Sunday, and offers up to eight different shows in one night. Improv, standup, and sketch classes are available, as well as master classes and classes for children.

Movie Theater

Location to visit: Coolidge Corner Theatre

If you’re in the mood for a more relaxing night, check out a movie at one of the nation’s most prominent independently operated movie theaters, Coolidge Corner Theatre. This theatre offers the best independent film options to provide customers with a unique viewing experience. Also offered is weekend kids’ variety shows, sneak previews of upcoming films, and screening of high definition broadcasts from London’s National Theatre and Europe’s Grand Operas. The theatre has won numerous awards and has been recognized for its innovative programming.

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