Emily’s Project

Meet Emily Saul, a co-leader of the fierce, inclusive, and free fitness movement: Boston November Project. Originally from Albert Lea, Minnesota, Emily came to Boston to earn her Masters in Sports Psychology at Boston University.


What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself and how do these traits across in your work?

“Badass, loving, and authentic”. That’s what people come to November Project for, she explains. Being an athlete has always been incredibly important to Emily, and November Project provides the opportunity for her to bring together her love and heart with a “kickass workout” that challenges and motivates members of the Boston Tribe.


How did you get involved with November Project?

“I heard about NP from a couple sources, but it wasn’t until I saw it featured in Runner’s World by a rower I always respected that I finally decided to try it.” Also, When Emily first joined the group there were roughly five established Tribes (or chapters) in various cities around the US, within a year that number tripled to Tribes in 15 major cities.

In addition, she says that they meet, “Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, rain or shine.”


Even during Snowpocalypse this winter??

“Yea! We’d go out Tuesday night and shovel the stadium to run the stairs the next day! There were always at least 50 people to show up.”


Anything else you want people to know about you or November Project?

“NP is for everybody! Be a part of a movement that will help you accomplish your fitness goals. Just show up.”

For more information about Emily and the November Project visit their website at November Project.


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