Saba Alhadi, How Photography Can Open your Eyes

After eight years of global travel and photography, Saba Alhadi felt lost. Having just quit her job with a travel agency, she wasn’t sure what her future life path looked like or where her passion for photography would take her — that is, until she had an epiphany while taking a stroll in the Common. Inspired by the architecture of Beacon Hill, Saba decided that she wanted to determine her own future. She opened up a Boston photography walking tour and never looked back.

Saba believes that photography can empower us all, so long as we take the time to learn it. She says that by learning from our past mistakes, changing our viewpoints, and exploring things from different angles, humans can alter the way they see things. Too often, Saba wonders how many people walk past all the beautiful sites of Boston without appreciating them, and hopes that she can change that by giving these tours.

Discover how Saba’s photo walking tour business has empowered her. #BostonHighlights


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