Boston Pizza Festival a Delicious Success In It’s First Year

boston pizza festival 2017

Images Courtesy of Griffin Reilly

City Plaza Pizza

There are few things that can bring all different kinds of people together in happiness, but one of them is definitely pizza. In fact, pizza brought thousands of people together at City Plaza in what was one of the most delicious events of the year: The Boston Pizza Festival.

The festival, co-directed by Giancarlo Natale and Raffaele Scalzi, was held for it’s inaugural year in the shadow of City Hall this past weekend. Inspired by trips to Italy and the heritage of the event directors, the Pizza Festival aimed to bring a slice of Italy to Beantown, and it sure delivered.

reginas pizzeria boston pizza festival

At Regina Pizzeria’s Booth, fresh pies are pulled out of a Marra Forni oven.

A Tasty Tour

Over 20 pizza makers were present, with some of the most notable being Regina Pizzeria, UpperCrust Pizza, and Blaze Pizza. Slices could be purchased for as low as $2, and whole pies for $6 and up. This created a great opportunity to sample all the flavors Boston has to offer, and maybe even to discover your new favorite spot.

Locale Boston boston pizza festival

Locale Boston’s booth featured their specialty pizza pies.

Attendees could be seen all over the crowded plaza clutching greasy paper plates to themselves. Almost every vendor gave their rendition of the classic cheese or margherita, but the real excitement came from every company’s specialties. Between a pie covered in mushrooms, truffle oil and balsamic to UpperCrust’s “The GOAT” featuring artichokes, spinach and goat cheese, there really was something for every taste.

anzios boston pizza festival

Anzio’s Brick Oven Pizza at the Boston Pizza Festival.

Not Just Pizza

As great as the pizza was, that was not all that Boston Pizza Festival had to offer. Beer and wine was available for those over 21, in addition to live music and even some pizza performances. The “Jersey Pizza Boys” of talk show fame (Michael and Nicholas Testa) made an appearance. Other guests included Pizza Acrobat Danilo Pagano, Cozzolino (author of “The Pizza Diet”), and even members of the United States Pizza Team.

pizza mascot Boston Pizza festival

The Pizza Mascot, a crowd favorite.

A demo kitchen was also set up, and the incredible aroma coming from it may have even inspired some to learn the secrets of quality pizza for themselves. The Dough Connection also sponsored education seminars, and featured many different specialists displaying their talents and crafts.

Alfa Romeo boston pizza festival 2017

Alfa Romeo brought a V6 Giulia Quadrifoglio to the event.

Non-pizza sponsors and vendors also came to show off their goods and products, with everything from freebies on behalf of the GoPuff app to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, sporting a mean V6 engine.

GoPuff booth Boston Pizza Festival 2017

GoPuff, a delivery app, was one of the vendors at the event.

The festival drew in thousands, with over 8,000 tickets sold in and almost double that estimated in attendance. General admission was $15 a person, while VIP packages sold for $50 each.

From Naples to the North End

Although the pizzas at the event were certainly Boston-based, it found many of its roots abroad. The Napoli Pizza Village, an annual pizza festival in Italy, was the inspiration for the event. Additionally, a few of the pizza makers and instructors at the Boston came in from overseas. In fact, two Italian organizations (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and Comune di Napoli) sponsored the event. Marra Forni, another sponsor, crafted the beautifully ornate pizza ovens used to cook the greasy greatness.

The organizers plan for it to be an annual event, and we at IM Boston hope so, too! The Boston Pizza Festival was a great opportunity for Bostonians (and beyond) to gather around the important things in life: pizzas.

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