Aspiring Poet Mila Keaton Believes that Writing can Save Lives

boston poet mila keaton

Boston poet Mila Keaton is taking the underground poetry scene by storm.

When listening to Mila Keaton recite her poetry, it’s almost as if you can feel your heart breaking. Her words are powerful; they are dark and sad and hopeful and angry and wonderful all at once. But they are incredibly hard to hear her speak because they reveal the true road map of Mila’s life. Perhaps, that is why poetry is called the spoken truth. And perhaps, that is why Mila’s words cause such a reaction in the audiences that listen to her. It’s because they are so proud of her for sharing them.

Mila’s story is a hard one to hear during a normal conversation, let alone during an underground open-mic night. Her words are always beautifully and brokenly strung together, like a series of photographs hanging from broken paperclips, and they reveal her gritty story in just one glance. Yet, you can’t help but feel moved when she describes her self-destructive past. You can’t help but feel inspired and empowered when she stands in front of you, somehow graceful and poised while tragic words spill out from her lips. You can’t help but cling onto every sharp syllable and every prolonged silence with baited breath, because you know that whatever succeeds them will be just as profound as whatever preceded them.

Discover Mila’s story below and why she is our #BostonHighlight.

Interested in hearing more of Mila’s poetry? Check out her Facebook page, Burst Transmission, here! And if you’re interested in the venue that Mila is performing at, it’s Blackstone Grill, located at 15 Union Street in the Faneuil Hall area!

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