Boston Politics: How to Stay Up-to-Date on Local Gov’t This Summer

In a world of “Fake News,” it seems nearly impossible to find political sources that are both credible and entertaining. So, if you’re sick of POTUS’ tweets and can’t sit through anymore FBI live-streams online, try these alternate news sources! They will definitely allow you to stay politically informed and entertained this summer.

1) Podcasts

With podcasts like “Radio Lab” and “This American Life” soaring in listens and reviews, it may be time for podcasts to become the new news norm. There’s plenty of time on the T to pop in your earbuds for a few, right? So give some of these political podcasts a try.

A few that we would recommend are “Decode DC,” in which the inner workings of the nation’s capital are broken down, explained and analyzed for the average listener. Another great option is to listen to  “Common Sense with Dan Carlin,”  , a podcast all about the frustrations of our two-party system.

listening with earphones

2) Apps

Apps are the easiest way to access information on-the-go, so if you find yourself struggling to make your way through long Washington Post articles, or having trouble understanding the complexity of house bills, check out apps like Countable. Countable simplifies the government by summarizing bills in Congress, letting constituents know when bills are getting voted on, and connecting them to their local representatives. If you’re looking for a more local approach, apps like Open States will show constituents all state legislative activity, such as campaign finances, party information and local bills.

3) Join a political organization

Find a cause that you can get behind regardless of party lines and involve yourself. There are many organizations that exist in the Boston area in support of the environment, the LGBTQA+ community, public health, immigration and more, so don’t be afraid to volunteer at any of these organizations and subscribe to their news feeds. Check out this feed from MassLive detailing several organizations to get involved with in the Boston area.

4) Attend political events

There’s no better way to update yourself on current events than actually attending the events. Political events can range from advocacy rallies to informative lectures to even weekly civil council hearings at city hall. There is always something popping up, so make sure to keep an eye out for events to attend. Check out upcoming Boston political events here, or get in contact with your reps to find out about more localized opportunities.

political rallies

5) Speak Up

No, this doesn’t mean posting an aggressive comment on your aunt’s pro-Trump Facebook post. This means actually talking to the people that can change things; your local government. Often times, people think that writing a letter to POTUS is the easiest way to get information to a higher-up. However, in reality, these sentiments will never reach their ears. Instead, get in touch with your state rep. They are the ones who will truly take the time to listen to your ideas. An effective method for having your voice heard is organizing group call-ins to an elected official’s office. Receiving an influx of calls all at the same time from many constituents will definitely put your concerns on their radar. If you don’t know who your state rep is, you can find out here.

Get clued in on what’s happening in Massachusetts right here!

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