The Greatest Art & Entertainment Acts For Under $15

Who says you need to spend more to get more? Around our great city, that is really not the case. Sure, you hear about how expensive the standard of living is around Boston, but that doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice fun and enjoyment to save yourself from breaking your bank account. Plus, with the quality of Boston shows and entertainment, you really can’t miss out.

As always, IM Boston has got you covered. We’re counting down the freshest, top 12 entertainment acts around the city for you to enjoy either by yourself or with friends. We know you’re going to want to take note of all of these!

1. Dirty Disney

dirty disney boston shows

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The only way to describe this show is that it’s Disney for adults! This original idea by Boston’s Unscripted Musical Project is a fan favorite. It all depends on your suggestions, as the crowd dictates what kind of scandalous setting the show’s characters will have. The best part? They cover those timeless, classic Disney songs but put that little raunchy twist to them. We promise, the show will transport you to A Whole New World (pun intended)!

Note: They also have another show in Laugh Boston as well.

2. Sh*t Faced Shakespeare

Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: "Romeo and Juliet" boston shows

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Would you believe this awesome show was hidden in some of the most diviest bars in the UK for about six years? We’re glad these ingenius Boston shows are here to stay and have since become a source of laughter for Shakespeare fans everywhere in the city. See Shakespeare in a way you’ve never seen before as inebriated Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and the cast of Much Ado About Nothing take center stage! Who wouldn’t want to see this entertaining, raucous and interactive show?

3. Your Terrible Ex

your terrible ex boston shows

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If you say you’ve never had that one ex then you’re either lucky or a good liar. An improv show based entirely on your relationship stories, you’ll surely get a kick out of this show. Trust us, you’ll leave the theater feeling better about the fact that you’re ex is your ex for a reason. So what are you waiting for? Laugh off the heartbreak of the past!

By the way, these Boston shows are actually free! All you have to do is sign up and give a suggested donation at the end of the show. Talk about awesomeness!

4. The Graduate

"The Graduate" boston shows

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If you haven’t heard of the classic movie, we’d advice that you don’t bring your kids to this show, for starters. The Graduate presents adult themes that is based on the short novel by Charles Webb. It is about a confused young man stirring up an affair with an older woman named Mrs. Robinson. This show is full of “rapid-fire dialogues” and characters that have a dark past that will have you at the edge of your seat throughout the duration of the play adaptation.

5. Music Comedy Night

Music Comedy Night boston shows

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Head on over to ImprovBoston in Cambridge for a night of musical fun! These Boston shows not only entertain you, but makes you feel like a songwriter as well as everyone is encouraged to join in the comedy band acts from around the city. So if you’re looking for a fun-filled, entertaining night that’s full of music- then you’re in for an awesome treat!

6. Match-prov

match.prov boston shows

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Held in Jamaican Plain, this show focuses on spinning dating disasters into comedy gold! Gone are the days where going on a date is as simple as asking someone out in a bar. From crazy Tinder dates, to the worst break-up text you can ever get- Match.Prov makes you feel even a little better at these modern day mishaps!

7. Lost In Yonkers

"Lost in Yonkers" boston shows

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This original masterpiece of Neil Simon is the owner of four Tony awards and even a Pulitzer Prize. Join Walpole Footlighters Playhouse as they take on Lost In Yonkers, a comedy-drama set in New York City in 1942. It follows two young brothers who were left under their grandmothers’ harsh, dictator-like rule. It’s heart-stopping and tear-jerking nature will leave you breathless by the end of it all.

8. Little Women

little women boston shows

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Another broadway classic and one of America’s beloved novels- Little Women: The Broadway Musical has finally graced Cambridge with its presence, thanks to the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre. This story follows the March sisters and the men in their lives, as it shows the power of family and love even after the devastating Civil War. A coming-of-age story that should definitely not be missed!

9. Stories to Scenes

"Stories to Scenes" boston shows

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Another Jamaica Plain exclusive. Stories to Scenes is a show that has renowned local storytellers expertly retelling real-life tales of humor, tragedy and more. This show promises humor-filled and fast-paced settings with only the most veteran improv comedy groups performing. So if you’re up for that, we definitely suggest spending your next $5 on this amazing show!

10. Desire

"Desire" boston shows

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Watch as Boston Center for the Arts breathes life into this amazing American playwright with six prestigious awards under its belt. An original by Tennessee Williams, Desire features six short works- each depicting different themes relating to love. From innocent themes to more serious ones, each story is masterfully created that it aims to keep the audience fully engaged the whole time!

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