How and Where to Meet Your Soulmate in Boston

Boston singles, with July just around the corner, its time for you to either to crank up “Summertime Sadness” or pull yourself out of it by finding a new bae. Unfortunately, the size of the hub of the universe can sometimes make it even harder to find people. That’s why we’ve made this list of 10 ways to find your next fling or lifelong soulmate. Get out there and hit these scenes!

1. Strike Up a Conversation at the Thinking Cup Coffee Bar

boston singles spot Thinking Cup Boston

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We know, you stick to Dunkin’ for your morning coffee run. But if you find some time on a weekend or later in the day, head over to the Thinking Cup, whose charming atmosphere and comfortable seating will make conversations with other Boston singles come naturally. Chat about something you’re passionate about for a while with someone who caught your eye, and who knows; maybe you’ll be back within the week for a first date!

2. Volunteer With a Group

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Time to get your hands dirty. Nothing shows you’re the perfect potential spouse like working hard with others for a great cause, plus you’ll be working with like minded people who also care about others. You’ll definitely make many new friends, hopefully Boston singles, and have many good conversations as you work on the project. There is of course the added bonus of contributing to your community!

Check out, a website to get your volunteering effort arranged.

3. Stare at Art at the MFA Until Someone Stares With You

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Practice your insightful chin rub in the mirror, then head on over to the Museum of Fine Arts to stare intensely at some paintings you secretly don’t understand. If you look thoughtfully enough, someone might ask you your opinion or even just stand next to you to do the same. If the conversation goes well, you might be lucky enough to have a companion to roam the rest of the galleries with! Why not ask them to go out somewhere where you can talk a little louder after?

4. Challenge Someone to Chess at the Faneuil Hall Lounge

boston singles play chess in the faneuil hall lounge

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Chess isn’t just for nerds; in fact, it might be where you meet your next bae! The Faneuil Hall Lounge features chess tables among other games, pool, and even a reading area (although that might not be the place for starting your convo). A game of chess is the perfect length to have a good talk and get to know each other, and even if you need more time, just ask for a rematch! Winner buys drinks that night?

5. Ball Out on a Recreational Sports Team

boston singles play dodgeball recreational team

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Whether you aggressively show your strength on a dodgeball team or let the cutie beat you in basketball, joining a rec league is one of the best ways to get to know groups of people in Boston. Get chummy with your teammates, but also talk with your opponents after you’ve left it all on the field. has many different options available and is very easy to join!

6. Sign Up for a Group Class at the Boston Public Library

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It’s far from the experience of meeting someone at the club, but that can be a good thing. Taking a class at Boston’s Public Library is a great way to interact with a group of people while also learning a new skill! Conversations will be easy, since learning something at the class already gives you something in common. Plus, if the class meets regularly, you’ll get many different chances to get to know your future love!

Check out the calendar of events on the library’s website, here.

7. Go on a Booze Cruise with Other Boston Singles!

boston singles party on a booze cruise

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Try a whole new kind of club scene with a booze cruise off of Boston Harbor. These wild environments are chaotic in the best way, and one of the best ways you can meet a ton of Boston singles at once in (or off the coast of) Boston. Many operate out of the city, and they usually have large participation. Plus, even if you strike out, are you that disappointed you got to get drunk on a cruise ship?

8. Have Fido Handle the Introductions at a Dog Park

boston singles with dogs in dog park

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If you’ve got a pupper or doggo, this should be No. 1 on your list of mingling destinations. Dogs have no problem breaking the ice and sniffing out introductions, so just go wherever the leash pulls you. Your dog running over to an attractive owner’s dog is the perfect reason to start chatting with them. If your dogs like each other, maybe you and the other owner will have chemistry too!

9. Get Stuck on the T With Them

boston singles on the T subway

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There’s no enjoyable part about getting stuck on the T or the Commuter Rail; unless you’ve been waiting for your chance to talk with the dime that’s been sitting next to you the whole ride. Don’t be overbearing, but also don’t be afraid to start the conversation. You never know; there’s many a husband and wife who have met while commuting. I mean, what else are you going to do while held up behind Park St. for fifteen minutes?

10. Catch a Frisbee on the Common

boston singles throw frisbee on the boston common

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Hopefully you refined your disc skills while in college, because this is a great way to get to know some other Boston singles. Simply look over at some people throwing a frisbee around and ask to catch one (or even raise your hands in the universal signal for a toss). It’s a little awkward if they’re not down to add another, but most people who play frisbee are super friendly and love adding more people to the game. It’s a very social sport that’s more fun in large numbers, so we definitely recommend giving this one a shot.

11. The Boston Singles Bar Scene

boston singles popular bar

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Sure it’s not a unique method, but as the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Many people prefer the tried and true method of grabbing a stool at the bar and just talking with the people around you. After all, Boston has one of the best bar scenes in America that you don’t want to miss out on. Check out our list of the best college bars in Boston here!

12. Get on the big screen with them at Fenway Park

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Everyone wants to get on the jumbotron in Fenway; or the Garden, or Gillette. Convince the people around you to get up, dance, and have some fun to try and lure the camera towards you. People will likely get into it with you, and you might even get your 15 seconds of fame on screen. At the very least, you’ll get to chatting with the people around you, and you might friends (or more) with them by the bottom of the ninth.


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