Joe Skahan: Redefining Disabilities

Boston Special Education Teacher

Boston special education teacher Joe Skahan wants his students to take away only one lesson from his classes: your disabilities do not define you.

Boston Special Education Teacher

In his classroom, it doesn’t matter what your background is, socio-economic status, mental/physical diagnosis, you are there to learn and to teach each other. Joe always knew he wanted to help special education students ever since he was a kid, growing up with a brother who suffered from autism, he became aware of the adversities these students face. From a young age, Joe was able to learn something most people will never understand, patience. From learning how his mother taught special needs students, it was something Joe had a natural knack for. Joe has been teaching special education students for 14 years in Lynn, MA, and knows that each student is unique and translates his teaching styles to fit each individual.

Along with his passion for teaching, Joe is a passionate musician playing at venues all around the Boston area. Using his love for music and his love for teaching, Joe has been able to combine the two to inspire kids everyday that they too can do what they love and follow their dreams.

Joe Skahan may be a special education teacher, but he is the one who is learning incredible lessons everyday. Hear and share Joe’s inspiration…

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