8 Times Boston Sports Fans Were Loyal AF

We get it, New England, your sports teams are better than everyone else’s. 

Patriots fans
Image Courtesy of totalprosports.com

1) Let’s start off with this year’s Super Bowl and the miraculous catch by Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. 

After overcoming a 25-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, New England fans were quick to mock their opposing team’s shortcomings by highlighting the incredible athleticism of their own players.


2) And, of course, New England fans post-Super Bowl only had one thing to say to all the haters…

…Ever heard of the G.O.A.T.?

3) We should also mention the time that even Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker backed up Boston’s all-star QB amidst cheating accusations.

Governor Baker supporting Tom Brady
Courtesy of Harrison Hill, www.bostonglobe.com

#FreeBrady T-shirts were just as popular as #FireGoodell T-shirts in Boston during the deflategate investigation.


4) Speaking of T-shirts, there was that one time that these two Boston-bred boys made a fortune off creating the most sought out Boston shirts of all time: the famous “Yankees Suck!” shirts.

Image courtesy of Eric Ferentz, grantland.com

They also made another shirt in addition to their “Yankees suck!” shirts that became a huge hit, but I have to warn you, its NSFW. The alternate shirt reads: “Jeter Swallows!” Yikes.


5) At the start of the Sox’s 2017 season, fans went off on Baltimore Orioles’ player Manny Machado for what they considered a dirty slide into second base, a slide that injured Sox front-runner Dustin Pedroia.

Even Pedroia himself said he didn’t hold Machado accountable for the injury on the slide, but that won’t stop Sox fans from hating the Orioles on his behalf, anyway. Do I smell a new rivalry?


6) If Boston Sports know how to do anything best, it’s holding a grudge. Red Sox fans have never forgiven ex-outfielder Johnny Damon for going to the Yankees post-2004 World Series Championship.


Johnny Damon at Fenway as a New York Yankee
Courtesy of bleacherreport.com

On his return to Fenway park in 2005, fans threw money into the outfield to taunt his contract, and also sported “Judas Damon” and “Benedict Damon” signs to show their anger. To this day, Damon says he still feels unwelcome in the city of Boston, even though he is retired.


7) Though Boston has had a lot of luck in the sports world recently, the Celtics were definitely considered the underdogs in their playoff series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, after a buzzer-beater in game 3 by Avery Bradley, Boston fans are back on their normal pedestal.

Who doesn’t like a good Space Jam reference?


8) And finally, we can’t forget about the Bruins. Fans were so pissed about a 4-3 OT loss to the Ottawa Senators this year that one of them tried to steal a stick from the opposing team on their way to the locker room.

Clearly, things did not go as expected for this fan.


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