7 Reasons Why Spring In Boston Is The Best!

For a lot of Bostonians, Spring is a season they look forward to the most. Gone are the days when you’re constantly asking yourself how much layers of garments would be acceptable to wear without looking like a complete fool, or even getting anxious about your commute home because of the heavy snow pouring down.

At least in the next few months or so, it’s going to be fun and a lot of sun! But what makes Boston the best city to be in during the Spring season, you may ask? Good question! Lucky for you, we’re here to give you seven solid reasons why!

While we’re at it, tell us your favorite springtime activity around the city! We’d love to hear from you.

1. The city gets livelier


Let’s face it, most of us just want to hide out during the winter season. When you see that snow falling and all that white everywhere, something about it just screams ‘stay at home!’. Luckily, it’s the season where the weather gets warmer, the cherry blossoms actually blossom and where people are a lot more active.

Even just sitting around in Boston Common, among the lush greenery would be a pleasant experience for sure. The park and the public garden are perfect for that springtime backdrop for your next Insta post too!

Ride one of the swan boats, listen to the street buskers and musicians and just spend time gaping at the scenery and you’ll instantly feel the spring vibes!

2. You can visit places that weren’t open in the colder months


Well, this can mean there are places that aren’t usually open during the colder season (like ice cream parlors!) OR that some places just look much better during springtime. A perfect example of this is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which becomes lovelier once the weather gets warmer.

One word to describe Gardner’s private museum is: enchanting. It really feels like you’re transported into another world when you visit this museum. Make time to visit and see the private art collection and don’t forget to stroll along the garden courtyard- it’ll make you feel like you’re royalty wandering around your castle.

3. Charles River is a perfect place for kayak and canoe activities


As much as you wanted to kayak and canoe during the past few months, there’s really no way you could over a semi-frozen river. But thank god that’s not the case anymore, right?

The picturesque Charles River is available for kayak and canoe activities. So all that’s left to do now is head on over to Charles River Canoe & Kayak or the Community Boating Inc company, rent some equipment with your friends and you’re good to go!

4. Three words: Red. Sox. Games!

fenway boston spring

Springtime = MLB time! Cheer on our beloved Red Sox team as they strive to get another of those world series championships we’d love to have. Spring is the perfect time to head to Fenway Park with family and friends!

5. The food trucks are out and about

food trucks boston spring

photo courtesy of: http://wgbh.org/

Not a lot of food truck owners would tough it out in the harsh winters, waiting for their patrons to show up. In the same way, there’s no way people would be willing to wait outside in the blistering cold just to get a meal. Which is why this is the time where all the best food trucks in the nation come out!

Worried you’re not in the loop about the best food trucks around Boston? Check out this list right here!

6. Farmers markets everywhere

boston spring

photo courtesy of: https://inboundmagazine.wordpress.com/

Farmers market shopping pretty much has the same analogy as the food trucks have. We’d prefer to go grocery shopping inside a warm establishment than go out and pick out the produce while the cold wind blows. Not only that, the warm weather definitely helps in the quality of the products, with the sun and humidity helping in bountiful harvests.

For lists of the different farmers market around the city, click this link!

7. Bar crawling will actually be fun

boston spring

photo courtesy of: http://bostonglobe.com

Admit it- back in the winter seasons when your friends suggest hopping from one bar to another, you’re not too excited about it. You think to yourself ‘ugh, now I’m going to have to put my jackets back on and head out in the cold, half-drunk and all’. It wasn’t really all too appealing right?

But in true Boston fashion, we can’t leave out the fact that pubs and bars are always around the same proximity as each other. The only difference is, you don’t have to worry about putting layers of outerwear again, only to take them all off once inside- none of that routine anymore! We can’t leave out how Boston has some of the greatest bars around the country, and the oldest ones too!

So there you have it,  the seven reasons why being in this city during Spring would be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life! Thirsty for more ideas? Check out the Boston Living tag and gather more ideas for you to do this spring!



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