Get Ugly Sweaters Brings the Ugly to Boston

Boston startup

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a fashion staple during the holiday season. The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking out the right sweater for your office Christmas party. Get Ugly Sweaters is a Boston startup company that wants to make you look good while also doing good.


boston startup


Specializing in ugly Christmas sweaters, Get Ugly Sweaters pride themselves on their unique designs and their work with Project Bread.


The Ugly

Boston startup

First, their sweaters. Ranging from designs based off of popular Christmas movies, like this A Christmas Story sweater, to designs with hilarious slogans like “Don’t Drink and Drive”, the Get Ugly catalogue is rash and hilarious.

The Weird

They don’t stray away from the ugly and the weird–which makes up their whole business model: embrace everything and everyone. The “Our Story” tab on their website highlights this dedication to body positivity. It states, “We are proud to have just launched our first collection of holiday sweaters, a mixture of designs that you won’t see anywhere else. This represents an authenticity that lives inside us all. #GetUgly inspires people to celebrate their sense of humor and creativity. Our sweaters will allow you to harness these gifts and display your unique disposition.”

The Good

Boston startup

Get Ugly Sweaters is a Boston startup that works hard to help people in need. They have paired with Project Bread, a Boston organization that works “to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by devising, funding, advocating for, and facilitating solutions that change lives across the Commonwealth,” according to their website. Proceeds from sweaters sold go directly to Project Bread. They fund programs that help feed and educate children.


Get Ugly is a local company dedicated to body positivity and helping those in need. Next time you are stuck searching for an ugly Christmas sweater, keep Get Ugly Sweaters in mind.


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