Interesting Places You Need to Go in Boston in the Summer

boston in the summer

Boston is the largest city and the capital of Massachusetts with the population of 636,479 people as of 2013. The city is best known for its historical places; as there are a lot of historical landmarks to visit.

If you are planning to take a tour of the city or coming for a vacation make sure to check in between June to November. This is the summer time when the temperature just hover around 80s and is the best season to see this city. Though this is the time when everything is expensive in Boston due tourist’s foot traffic but believe me; it’s still worth spending the extra bucks to speculate the city in the summer.

If you are spending your vacation in Boston, do visit these places. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much you enjoyed it but not to its full extent.

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is one of the most important landmarks of Boston. This is known for its 2.5 mile route that navigates you to 16 different historical places of America’s Revolution. On the route you will enjoy the sightseeing’s of historical museums, churches, meetinghouses and burying grounds. Learn about the heroes who built this nation so strong. In short you are going to eye-witness all the elements of American Revolution in just a single walk. If you are a history lover and love to explore historical places; this is the best place to start. Every step of this walk will tell you a mesmerizing story about bravery, honesty, art and intelligence of this nation’s builders. 

Skywalk Observatory

In Boston, you can have a panoramic aerial view of the city at 360 degree angle from the height of 750 feet above the city at the Prudential Center. This is the place where you must visit at night to gaze at the city lights. In the summer there are a lot of tourists on the roof top enjoying this view. Although you happen to photograph each and every step of Boston, this roof top view is mouthwatering for those who love photography. So if you are a photographer and want to capture some unforgettable and best moments of this city, you must take photos from the Skywalk Observatory.

Fenway Park

The most famous baseball park of America is the Fenway Park, home of the national team Red Sox. This park hosted 10 world championships and the Red Sox won five of them and Braves (then of Boston) won one of them. This state of the art park is uniquely nestled in the dense area of the city. This is the park where legends like Williams, Yaz, Fisk and Rice played. If you are a baseball fan, you are definitely going to love this park.

Frost Ice Loft

You might have visited the bars and all of them must not be very different from each other. But the Frost Ice Loft is the bar that one cannot forget about. In this bar you are going to have a whole different experience. Here everything is made up of ice. Even the sculptures and walls are furnished of ice. The environment is maintained at 21 degrees. This bar welcomes people from all the ages. You will have to buy a ticket to spend 45 minutes in the bar. People can have conversations and drinks there while kids can get entertained in the playing area. 

New England Aquarium

If you love marine life then probably this is the best place to visit and see almost all the sea creatures closely. This aquarium is famous for its work to save endangered species of the turtles. Other than turtles they have 80 different species of penguins which are all dressed up to impress you, one species specifically; with its donkey-like braying (sarcasm intended).

The aquarium homes a 25,000 gallons of vertical water tank. The tank features multiple levels of viewing to help people view the animals from all angles. This aquarium has some of the most mesmerizing sights to amaze you.

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