Janet Morgenstern Passani from BostonEco


Can you tell me more about BostonEco? How/why was it founded?

BostonEco launched the summer of 2009 as a Tweetup (meetup) to bring together the local eco minded people I was meeting on Twitter. The event had a fantastic turnout with a diverse mix of people interested in sustainability, food, health, environment issues and green living. Based on this initial success, I decided to start the online community and host additional networking events that inspire, connect, and help everyone discover what’s happening in the local green scene. (I’m a marketer and events person so this is something I love to do.)

The BostonEco community has grown over the years. We’re mission-driven entrepreneurs, natural foodies, healthy living experts, green businesses, sustainability leaders, local pioneers, and community do-ers. Join us!


How do you want BostonEco to impact greater Boston?

The mission of BostonEco is to further healthy, sustainable living in Boston and beyond. I want to continue to build awareness of local initiatives. As more people learn about these programs and support them, it builds momentum and sparks additional healthy, sustainable living programs in the Boston area. From urban community spaces and local food to alternative transportation and the environment, there are so many community interests and ideas to share.


What events are coming up in Boston’s green community?

Stay tuned! I’m brainstorming and planning new events. Our events are always a fun way to network and learn what’s new in and around Boston. Past BostonEco events include organic wine and local food tastings, and a healthy home event. There’s also a lot happening on the BostonEco social media pages. I post other local events, job opportunities and updates. BostonEco events are announced via email and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @BostonEco. All the links and the email signup are on the BostonEco webpage.


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