5 of Boston’s Coolest Entrepreneurs

Boston houses 80 colleges and universities, which is 34% of the state’s total college enrollment. Consequently, it is no surprise that Boston is a hotbed of dreamers, creators, and entrepreneurs. With encouragement from Mayor Marty Walsh through the New Urban Mechanics Office, Boston has not only been named the smartest city by Fast Company because of its amazing opportunities, but because of the people who have used those opportunities to advance the world. Here are 5 of the most interesting entrepreneurs and innovators in Boston.

1) Brett Ginna

While attending Harvard, Ginna created a software platform to help fundraising efforts at educational institutions. According to their website, they now help over 300 institutions improve their results by engaging alumni, raising support, and recording progress to bring the “technological advances of the for-profit sector to the mission-driven nonprofit world.”

2) Karan Singh and Anmol Madan

Gingh and Anmol created an app called Ginger.io that helps people improve their overall quality of life. For $129/month, users can talk to licensed therapists, psychiatrists and life coaches at any time of the day. As a result, they’ll receive support, guidance, therapy and medication help through the app. Ginger.io has partnered with over 20 US hospitals and can even analyze your phone activity to monitor your health.

3) Rodney Brooks

Brooks founded Rethink Robotics, a company that aims to lower costs of manufacturing processes and help America compete against offshore low-wage labor. These robots are not only affordable, but high-performing, as well. They can safely work alongside humans and complete a variety of tasks such as manage materials and operate machinery.

4) Maxim Labovsky, John David Cranor, Natan Linder

3D printers have been in the news a lot as of late. Perhaps its because of their cool, futuristic properties, or because of their capabilities to create prosthetic limbs, instruments, and toys. These three entrepreneurs made it big when they co-founded Formlabs, or a company that creates “afforable, high-resolution 3D printers for professional creators.” Having started right here in Cambridge, Formlabs was one of the most-funded Kickstarter projects ever.

5) Aubrie Pagano

By creating, Bow & Drape, a custom apparel website, Pagano hopes to “inspire smart, stylish women to make a statement…and celebrate self-expression.” Customers can come to this website to take Pagano’s clothes and customize them with their own personal flare. Bow & Drape prides itself on being as cheeky as its customers are, and have even been featured on the Today Show, Vanity Fair Mexico, Refinery29, Brit + Co, Glossy and People.





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