#BrewsOnTues | Coffee Break

Where do you go in the city for a great coffee break?

A coffee break is important. Especially for those hard at work in the office. Because coffee breaks are a great way to relax and recuperate. Also, a quick break helps employees unwind. Probably also build camaraderie with their officemates. Research also suggests that it increases production levels and focus. Not only is a break good for the employees but it will also benefit the company. Why wouldn’t you want a focused employee? Or a more productive one?

The IM Boston office runs on Starbucks. Our interns run to Faneuil Hall for a coffee break. They are going to fulfill our brewed and foamy dreams!

Stay tuned for the next #BrewsOnTues…

For other coffee shops, check out: Beyond Dunkin’: The Best Boston Coffee Shops.

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