Bringing the Jewish Experience to Life through Film

For almost 30 years, the Boston Jewish Film Festival has been bringing together communities to celebrate the richness of the Jewish experience, life, values, and culture. Although the festival originally started with just a few film screenings each year, it has continued to grow and today, hosts over 50 screenings, as well as music and dance performances. The festival is also known for in-depth conversations and panels with filmmakers, writers, and special speakers from around the world.

This year, from November 9 through November 21, the festival will feature screenings and events at a variety of different theaters throughout the city. Some of the locations include the Coolidge Corner Theater, the Museum of Fine Arts, the JCC Riemer-Goldstein Theater, and the Somerville Theater.

The events, speakers, and films being featured this year are numerous; here are some of the highlights. Uri Ben Assa will be giving a talk after a screening of the film Disturbing the Peace. The film focuses on Palestinian/Israeli relations and a group who believes strongly in nonviolence and the need for the cooperation between the two nations. Ben Assa is a peace activist, and the Israeli Director of Combatants for Peace, dedicated to forging peace between Israel and Palestine and the Arab World. Tova Ascher will also give a talk after a screening of her first feature film, A.K.A. Nadia. The film follows the story of a Palestinian woman disguising herself as an Israeli Jew, who eventually has to confront her past. Ascher is an experienced film editor, but this her first time in the director’s chair. The festival will also feature a screening of the short film #holocaust, which focuses on the depiction of the Holocaust in the world of social media.

The full list of events and screenings included in the festival can be found on the festival’s website:  Make sure to check it out, as the offerings are impressive and varied. The festival has been a hit in years past, and almost certainly will continue that tradition this year.



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