Brown Girl from Boston, Andrea Imafidon: Tough Times Don’t Last Forever

brown girl from boston

In our mission to highlight Boston’s inhabitants, we stumbled upon Andrea Imafidon- the blogger known as Brown Girl From Boston.

Growing up in Mattapan, she didn’t exactly have a quiet childhood. When she was five years old her brother was killed in her home, something that has affected her deeply. As she grew older she found that not many people can truly relate to her situation which makes it difficult for her to accept people’s sympathy.  She recognized that this has impacted her life significantly. Andrea took a moment to talk about the daily struggle she deals with to move past the hard moments. Yes, from time to time she will throw herself a pity party, but she looks out for those glimpses of hope that shine through to keep her going.

These glimpses of hope are what get her out of the dark headspace she can sometimes go to. Andrea is looking to do major things with her life, and in a time where there are lots of obstacles for women of color she is hopeful and with confidence stated: “barriers only build character, and tough times don’t last forever.”

Andrea wears a variety of hats which keep her busy. In addition to being a blogger she is also a life coach, social worker and wife. Her friends credit her as being the person you should go to when you need to get your life in order, and after speaking with her we can see why. Her enthusiasm and honesty is refreshing and inspiring. She definitely doesn’t pretend that life is perfect, or that it will ever be, but she knows that there’s no point in focusing on the negative.

To learn more about Andrea watch our video interview with her and visit her blog, “Brown Girl From Boston.”

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