20 Of The Worst Presents To Ever Be Given

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’re guaranteed to receive a gift or two that you low-key hate, but have to smile in your loved ones face pretending to love it. As always, Reddit has the best stories that the internet has to offer, and here are some stories about presents that were really received, and we can’t help but feel bad for the recipients:

1.  Boo, mothasuckas: 

“A ziploc bag filled with cotton balls with the words “ghost poos” written on the bag in sharpie.”

2. This incredible mother-in-law: 

“MIL gave my 1 year old daughter her dead dog’s bed as a Christmas present. She said it was for my daughter’s naps.”

3. This grandma, who is clueless AF:

“My grandma used to be the worst gift-giver. She’s gotten better. Some gems: A brick from a building that was torn down. 1 Drumstick (for my dad, who had never played drums). A Harry Potter sign for the release of the first movie. Not a nice one, and again for my dad, who hates Harry Potter. A bunch of Twilight stuff for my husband and I after the movie came out, including a shirt with Edward’s face on it for my husband.”

4. The infamous crazy aunt:

“My aunt has given some really strange gifts over the years. I’ve been the recipient of blankets, stamps and a totally age-inappropriate coloring book. But my sister got it worse. She received a helium tank for her 7th birthday. And her 8th birthday? Another helium tank.”

5.  This dad, who is clearly out for himself:

“My dad once bought my mom a dirt bike for her birthday. She was in her 40’s at the time. She didn’t want a dirt bike. He rode it everyday afterwards. He also bought her an outside security light once for her birthday. She did not want an outside security light. They have been very happily married for almost 40 years.”

6. She had some good intentions:

“I was into baseball cards when I was a kid. My grandma heard and bought me a whole box for my birthday. Too bad they were valentines day cards with Michael Jordan on them and it was June.”

7. I’m a barbie girl in a…

“My ex sister in law got me an army Barbie doll for Christmas. As I am a dude and at the time was in my early 30 this was a rather bizarre gift choice. When she saw the WTF look on my face she piped up that it was a collectable. And I know some of you are thinking that it had to be a gag gift. Nope, she was totally serious.”

8. Close dad, but no cigar….

“When I was 5, I asked everyone I knew for a dog. My uncle said he was getting me a dog. I was the happiest 5 year old. What I got was a god damn Chia Pet dog. Its been 15 years and I’m still not over it.”

9. Deadbeat Dad AF:

“My absent father heard I was into music. He then left a broken trumpet at my door step. Just what every 14 year old girl needs!”

10. The relentless shirt that doesn’t seem to leave:

“Last year, (I’m 25) I got a plaid shirt from my Aunt for my birthday (in Sept) but it didn’t fit. I don’t live at home and I was leaving the next day so I asked my mom to please return it for me as I wouldn’t be able to use it.  A few months later, I received the same shirt for Christmas from my mom. It still didn’t fit.”

11. The horse riding hulk figurine?

“A rubber Hulk Hogan figurine (it looked like it was a Christmas ornament with the loop snipped off) glued to a very effeminate toy horse. An elderly friend of the family gave it to me and wouldn’t stop mentioning how “they are supposed to look like that; that’s how it came from the store” even though I didn’t voice any doubts.”

12. This mom who just wants to be educationally encouraging:

“At Christmas I once unwrapped a box of yellow #2 pencils. I must have looked a little disappointed because my mom told me to just wait and I’d see why Santa had brought them. …It was because he also got me an electric pencil sharpener.”

13. This grandma with v weird taste:

“My husband got 2 rolls of pennies from my Grandma for Christmas That same year she gave my mom, a non smoker, a tin of tobacco. When my mom complained she gave her a calendar that was 3 years old. My son got a hair brush wrapped in a Pringles can, he was 2 and cried because he really wanted the chips…haha. I hit the Jack pot, I got a bottle of vodka. She always gave us weird gifts it was her thing. Now that she’s gone I miss seeing what Christmas gifts she would be bringing. It was a good laugh.”

14. This girlfriend with some serious gift giving skills:

About a week into a dating a girl she bought me a feeder mouse that she named as a combination of her name and mine. Mouse lasted longer than that relationship, and that poor bastard only lived 11 days.

15. This concerned mom:

“My mom is from Thailand and doesn’t really get the whole Christmas thing… last year she got me sore throat medicine… I didn’t have a sore throat.”

16. This creative soul:

“My brother gave me a hand turkey that he drew minutes earlier for Christmas. This would have been ok if he was 5 or something… He was 21 years old. I framed it and gifted it back to him the next year.”

17. This indian giver:

“I gave my friend a fifth of Gentlemen Jack Daniels for his birthday, which was about a week before mine. A week later, he gave me a half empty bottle of Gentlemen Jack Daniels, wrapped up and everything. I don’t drink.”

18. This individual with some bad luck in the gift department:

“I actually have 3 of these and I can’t pick just one so I’ll list them all: once I got a used pair of pants with what I think was a poo stain in the butt area.I’ve also received Hamster treats (great grampa thought they were trail bars, which still would have been a sucky gift) And lastly I received “stress ball” from my baby cousin, that was actually just a ziploc bag full of his prescribed itch cream that was duct taped shut. It blew up.”

19. This absolutely clueless brother:

My brother gave me a hair straightener. My head had been shaved for a year by that point.”

20. Helium tanks? Seriously?

“My aunt has given some really strange gifts over the years. I’ve been the recipient of blankets, stamps and a totally age-inappropriate coloring book. But my sister got it worse. She received a helium tank for her 7th birthday. And her 8th birthday? Another helium tank.”

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