Spaces of Hope Mural

Image Courtesy of The next installation in our Boston art


Part of what makes Boston, well, Boston, are the incredible


Image Courtesy of As the first in our running series of art highlights, we're going to be looking at this iconic piece: Ars et

Memorial Day is here, but everything is closed and you have no plans! Worry not, for we have your solution; a day spent viewing

Boston truly is a beautiful city to be in. Everywhere you look, all the nooks and crannies of the city seem to be a

Before spring officially arrives it is time to scope out some of the best public art in Boston. If you're new to Boston or have

Itching for the chance to learn a new skill? Looking for something fun to do with the girls next week? You've come to the

(Featured image source: Boston Public Library Flickr) Boston is the most historic city of the United States. Stemming from the arrival of Puritans, the famous

Boston is home to the night jam sessions. Not just mediocre ones but some of the best in the whole world. Rock and roll

If you love live music concerts and have never been to the biggest music festival in Boston, pity you! Boston Calling Music Festival is

No other season brings as much outing opportunities as the enjoyments of Spring. If you have exhausted yourself from all the shopping. If you

Existing in the south of Washington Street, also called South Boston area, SoWa district was founded by Mario Nicosia. He along with GTI Properties

What isn't mind blowing in the city as big as Boston? The statue of three lies blows your mind. The downtown traffic blows your

Boston has always been on the climax of artistic innovations. The Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Gallery and above all, SoWa district with multitude

House of Blues has been shining since 1992 and is still expanding. The venue is not only a restaurant, but its chains also feature

When you are planning a trip to Boston, most probably Museum of Fine Arts will be on the top of your hit list to

Boston is on the forefront in hosting musical concerts and music lovers from around the world come to get a glance at the musicians and the

Music drives emotions. You need to feel what others feel by not being reluctant in getting to know the mainstream music. Grab your earphones

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