"I remember growing up and not feeling awkward with myself. But when I was around seven years old, it became extremely apparent to me

Boston poet Mila Keaton is taking the underground poetry scene by storm. When listening to Mila Keaton recite her poetry, it's almost as if you

Oksana's story does not begin in Boston -- it begins in Ukraine. When she was only nine years old, Oksana Hradyska moved to the US

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Jessica Karelas, is the influencer on-the-rise that you have to keep your eyes on. Having started her booming blog

When meeting Eliza Shirazi for the first time, it's hard to grasp that she is the fearless leader of the Kick It by Eliza

At only fifteen years old, Jared Hanrahan has accomplished more at his age than many musicians ever will in their lifetime. As a triple-instrument

If Boston dancer and teacher Lunara Devers could have her students take one lesson away from her classes, it would be this: do not

Looking at twenty-year-old Boston Fashion Blogger Caitlin Harper now, you would never guess that she is anything other than poised, cheerful and confident -- but less

Patrick Luk and his Boston Dog, Juan "Johnny" Rico, do everything together. In their free time, they love sleeping, watching TV and playing outside,

After eight years of global travel and photography, Saba Alhadi felt lost. Having just quit her job with a travel agency, she wasn't sure

While all of the others kids were outside playing, Daniel was in the kitchen. Learning how to cook watching Julia Child  was how Daniel found

Even from a very young age, Boston Environmentalist Igor Kharitonenkov has been determined to make a difference in the world. Helping people has always been