Determined to make a difference in the world around her, Megan Beyer felt what better way to make an impact than become a lawyer

Following in the footsteps of a local street chalk artist named Sidewalk Sam, Dennis Boulet continues chalk art around the city in hopes to

This little piggy skipped the market and went straight to the big city. Meet Wiggy the Piggy & his owner Ashley Shaw. Ashley brings

Your disability does not define you. A lesson that is at the heart of special education teacher Joe Skahan's teaching method. In his classroom, it

David Altenor may be a music producer and musician, but for him it's not about the music, it's about the message the music carries. "Work

If there's anything that's worth taking away from Val's story, it is that it pays to take a risk and that doing something that

We all get our drive and passion from someone or something that has touched our lives. A great example of this is the founder

In our mission to highlight Boston’s inhabitants, we stumbled upon Andrea Imafidon- the blogger known as Brown Girl From Boston. Growing up in Mattapan, she

“I’m a writer, film maker, and a STORY TELLER.” There’s two things in Wisler’s life that are the most important – being a stay-at-home dad