If you’re looking to escape the hustle of everyday life

Halibut Point State Park

If you seek easy hiking trails with panoramic ocean views


It's no surprise that Western Massachusetts gets a bad rep among its more eastern counterparts, but it's a mystery as to why  -- with amazing scenery, countless local

Swampscott, Massachusetts, have you ever heard of it? If not, don't worry, IM Boston is here to tell you about this gem of a

If you are looking to catch some shade and escape the heat today, we found just the place. This #HiddenSpot provides the peace and

What is greater than a place where you can express your artistic emotions freely? Graffiti Alley in Cambridge may not be all that hidden

Tucked away in the North End hiding in plain site is a small old school Sicilian pizza restaurant named Galleria Umberto. This #HiddenSpot happens

Alba Produce is the little shop where most north enders get their fresh veggies. It is well known to locals, but you won't find

Bread heaven has been found. This week's #HiddenSpot smells quite delicious. Walking past this narrow ally way, you can't help but smell some fresh

If you are looking to do some graffiti art and a little rock climbing, then the Quincy Quarries is your place! This artistic safe

Beach Views: This week's #HiddenSpot comes from right outside of the city of Boston. Many people who haven't been to Boston or New England,

Introducing this weeks Hidden Spot! This segment reveals different spots in Boston that are uniquely beautiful in their own way, but we may sometimes