Looking for new TV shows to binge this weekend? Why not one that takes place in Boston?! Here are some Boston-based shows that will

The Boston blogger community is vibrant and bursting with inspiration for every facet of city life. From showing you the best eats in the

Love it or hate it, 2016 was one eventful year. Here at IM Boston, we took it upon ourselves to break down the most epic

Hello 2017! It's been a tough year and lots of things happened. Some may be worried about the upcoming year but that doesn't mean there's

Through IM Boston's recent social experiment, we saw not only the uniqueness of the individual, but the universal inspirations that connects us all. Here

As we started to reflect on 2016 and everything that we had gone through as a brand and individuals, one thing was clear: we

We came together with the idea of finding out what Bostonians thought of 2016 and what their hopes are for 2017. As we started sharing

Living in the city may mean that you have limited lawn space (or even none at all) but it doesn't mean that you can't

Crisp autumn air, bright color-changing leaves, days spent apple picking, fresh-out-of-the-oven apple cider donuts and pumpkin pies - these are a few of a New

Located in Somerville and just a few minutes away from the downtown Boston area, Assembly Row is a one stop destination for both locals

The city of Boston and its geographic location allows for some of the best views in the country. Which is why a lot of

Ah, Summer is upon us. Long walks on the beach, sunkissed skin and warm breezy weather all point to sweeter times after a bitter winter.

Is it possible to plan one day around a stretch of a few blocks in the East Somerville area?The answer is a simple yet

Trekking down the Cape at some point during the summer months is a rite of passage for many Boston and Greater Boston natives. The

Running on uneven cobblestones and tricky bricks can be hard on a Bostonian’s feet, knees and calves. Luckily, instead of running on city sidewalks,

In a journey towards a healthier lifestyle, finding places to eat healthy in Boston is the first step. If you are in Boston, we

Its true when you start living somewhere you have never lived before or you are just planning to move, you always want to do

Are you looking to fill the rooms in your home with lovely pieces of art? Well, stop searching and read this suggestive article about