Boston has a fantastic music scene. While there are many impressive venues, the city's musical roots can easily go unseen. From Jamaica Plain to

If you frequent the area, you'll agree that Fenway has a pretty competitive bar scene. Many places have popped up to meet the demand

Summer nights mean hitting the best outdoor bars in Boston. The best summer nights in the city are spent with good company, a good view,

Admit it: karaoke is quite possibly one of the greatest inventions of all time. Who doesn't love being the star of their own show

It's no surprise that Boston is known for its Irish roots and many, many muggy basement pubs. We think you'll agree that sometimes, a

History is a boring course for many students in high school and even in college, but what if you added alcohol? In this article

In need of ideas for what to do with your weekends? No problem! We've got you covered! Click through the sides to see what

What's worse than being 25 and walking into a bar full of college freshmen? Not much. As a new resident of Boston, I have

I love a nice romantic dinner as much as the next girl, but it's always nice to spice it up on date night, especially

Halloween is fast approaching. Everyone is researching and making plans so they can have a good time. Lucky for you, we compiled a list

Boston is filled with tons of hidden gems. Speakeasy's throughout the city are great examples of hidden gems. Back when prohibition was put into

From apple picking to pumpkin carving, fall's arrival reintroduces a hearty blend of enchanting traditions to New England. Of all the fall season's heart-warming

With over 100 colleges and universities in the Boston metro area, Boston is, perhaps, the best college town in the country. With the winding

Karaoke is one of the best ways to cut loose after a long day of work. Getting a group together and heading out for

When you reach the age of 18-20, it's easy to envy your 21 year-old friends and their freedom to spend their weekend nights enjoying

Don’t be deterred by the infamous reputation of Allston as being a “Rat City.” Packed with bars, restaurants, music venues and more, it is

Boston is home to the night jam sessions. Not just mediocre ones but some of the best in the whole world. Rock and roll

If you love live music concerts and have never been to the biggest music festival in Boston, pity you! Boston Calling Music Festival is

When you live in a hip place like the South End, it is extremely hard not to sit around for a little bubbly drink.

From education to entertainment, there is a little nook in between and is the love of everyone. It’s called eatery. Restaurants are the zeal

Are you tired of doing the same old stuff like clubbing and dancing? There are places in Boston you would want to go for

Boston has many amazing and worth visiting Night Clubs and it’s tough to sum up one absolute list of them all. We’ve gathered here