With 220 different answers on the Share Your Hope board, the IM Boston team has made it their mission to group similar answers together.

https://youtu.be/7vr6hPacm542016 was a truly remarkable year. At both home and abroad 2016 seems to be dominated by a constant stream of political unrest, terrorist

A big takeaway from our #ShareYourHope event is that there are a few topics in particular that are on the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Although Boston is the most historic city in the United States, people don’t just visit Boston for sightseeing alone. In fact, there are people who come

Through IM Boston's recent social experiment, we saw not only the uniqueness of the individual, but the universal inspirations that connects us all. Here

As we started to reflect on 2016 and everything that we had gone through as a brand and individuals, one thing was clear: we

We came together with the idea of finding out what Bostonians thought of 2016 and what their hopes are for 2017. As we started sharing