What to Expect for Boston Calling 2017, Part 2: Comedy

The snow has finally turned to rain here in Boston and eventually (fingers crossed) we will see a sunny day. We are now in the midst of April, which means that we are only a little over a month away from Boston Calling! This festival always features great musicians, but you may not have realized it boasts some of the best comedy acts, too.

This year’s lineup is pretty epic with artists like Chance The Rapper, The 1975, Solange, Major Lazor and Weezer all talking the stage. But there are other performers worth mentioning too: the comedians.

Boston Calling Comedy Highlights:

  1. Pete Holmes (Day 1)

    pete holmes comedy

Even if you don’t think you know who Pete Holmes is you will probably recognize his voice from the E*Trade Baby commercials. In addition to this, Pete also hosts his own podcast called You Made It Weird, he appears on The Pete Holmes Show!, Crashing and even draws cartoons for The New Yorker.

Definitely check out some of his work to get amped for his set!

  1. Hannibal Buress (Day 2)

    hannibal buress comedy

Frequent the comedy specials on Netflix? Then you’ve probably seen at least on of Hannibal Buress’s specials! This comedian has a few other titles under his name too: actor, writer, musician, magician and poker dealer. See him as the co-host of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim or as a cast member on Broad City on Comedy Central.

Buress also has a podcast (The Handsome Rambler) where he talks about his stories from on the road and different observations of random topics that you should be listening to on your commute!

  1. Tig Notaro (Day 3)

    tig notaro comedy

Like a lot of comedians, she draws on some of the more dark aspects of her life when it comes to her sets. In 2012 during one particular performance Tig Notaro announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Her Netflix documentary Tig follows her journey from learning she had cancer to deciding that comedy was going to be her way of dealing with it. Other things that you can find her in include One Mississippi on Amazon and her HBO Special Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted.

There are other great comedians to look forward to as well: Kelly Macfarland, Jordan Rock and the hilarious comedy duo Kate Berlant & John Early.

To learn more about the Boston Calling lineup check out part one of this article!

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