Coming Next Week: How #ShareYourHope Inspired Us

We came together with the idea of finding out what Bostonians thought of 2016 and what their hopes are for 2017. As we started sharing our own ideas internally, we were inspired by our conversation to make it bigger. To expand the opportunity in order to share with the city of Boston. We wanted to capture the essence of what people thought in a way that would make a visual impact. As a result, we came up with the #ShareYourHope event.

To start off, we contacted Quincy Hall Marketplace to see if we could host the experiment there and after listening to our plan. They were more than happy to allow us to use their space.

It’s no secret that 2016 was a year that challenged many people, but we decided to focus on the positive aspects of the year. To do this we constructed a larger than life chalkboard that pose two questions with the goal of getting the people to stop and share what got them through 2016 and what their hopes are for 2017. We had an amazing response.

Here is what IM Boston co-founder Stefanie Daneau had to say about the #shareyourhope event:

“As we started to reflect on 2016 as a brand and look forward to our hopes of 2017, we thought this would be a great exercise. It will allow the people of Boston to reflect with us. Our hopes were to get some level of participation and a few people sharing their responses. What we got was an overwhelming response. People were feeling inspired by what we were doing and wanting to participate.”

Watching Bostonians participate was a great experience. Patricia, from the IM Boston team, explains what she enjoyed about the event:

“I think the whole event went really well. It was nice to go around and ask people about what they wrote on the board. For some, even if they just wrote one simple word, it actually has a deeper meaning. For example, someone wrote being free. And the reason she wrote it was because it encompasses a lot of different things so anybody can be who they want to be.”

Joan, a member of the digital marketing team, describes her feelings leading up to the event and what she took away from it:

“I personally think that the experiment was a such huge success. To my amazement. At first, I didn’t think it was going to be that huge of a turnout. But when people started writing, I realized that no matter where you’re from and no matter what you do in life or what age bracket you belong in, people share a lot of the same sentiments. It’s comforting to know that in a way. Even though individuals share a lot of differing qualities, we all have a lot in common too. Whether it be hopes, fears or dreams. Thanks to this experiment, I had a lot of epiphanies and realizations that is timely at the end of the year.”

Mercedez, Social Media Manager for IM Boston, believes that the message of the gifts we gave out to those who participated tied in nicely to the theme of the social experiment:

“We wanted to give something back to the city of Boston. To spread the message that the Pride of Boston shirt has- that Boston is a melting pot. Even if people didn’t want to share a hope of their own, they stopped to read what others had written. My hope is that someone was empowered or inspired by the words of others. That the message they are not alone resonated with them in their time of need. That validation that someone else feels the same way, and that’s OK.”

We were overwhelmed with the responses we received from our social experiment. We had an amazing turn-out and are inspired by our participants and their engagement! It was great to see the people of Boston so inspired and thrilled to participate.

We captured the responses and participation in a video that is set to release next week, but you can watch a sneak peak here, now!: 

Please share with friends and keep your eye out for the full-length video that will be launched next week! Love the IM Boston team!

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