Entrepreneur Curtis


Can you tell me about what you do?

I run a company called Lanocast. I’m currently conducting customer interviews to build a gamified social network. I’m interested in startups, but I have a coding background. We are conducting customer interviews for the platform so that we could figure out exactly what this concept should become. It’s pretty nebulous right now.  We started this company with an app that allowed you to take a picture with a voice command.

We had a growth hack built into the app that was various challenges which users could create and share. But we interviewed customers and spoke about the challenges and found out that they like those more than the novelty of voice control, so we decided to focus on that aspect of the project. That concept became Lanocast. I have always been interested in how things worked, so naturally, I was intrigued with the idea of creating instructions that would make a computer do something.


What other organizations do you volunteer for?

I am currently a brand ambassador for Tech Generation which is a non profit organization that connects interns with startup opportunities. If you are a student interested in startup or entrepreneurship, then it will be great to intern at a startup. It would be an incredible learning experience because you will have the opportunity to see an business get built and you might actually be able to contribute to that process. Transparency is often lost once a company has predictable revenue.


What are some of your other hobbies?

I have always had trouble with this question because it’s difficult for me to understand the difference between a hobby and something that makes me a better entrepreneur. I work out 5 or 6 days a week and it’s usually high intensity cardio. But I also enjoy writing and giving speeches which is rare for a technical person, but I know that building public speaking skills will help me as an entrepreneur. I write code, but I guess that can’t count because I write it for my startup.

But sometimes, I write features and functions just for the learning experiences and I try out new programming languages and tools because I think they’re cool. I enjoy understanding how things work.  It fascinates me that there could be two virtually identical products in the marketplace, and the one that costs more sells more. A lot more. That’s the power of marketing. People will pay a huge price for what they perceive as premium. A startup is what I aim to understand more than anything, because it takes so many skills. Team-building, programming, and marketing a just a few nice to have skills in startup. I wonder if there actually is a code to building a startup that just isn’t known yet.


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