Daniel Katcher: Bostonian Entrepreneur

Three things you love about Boston?

Love the weather, all four seasons of it.

Love the energy of the city, especially down in the Seaport.

Love the Pats, no matter what the rest of the country thinks.


What do you think about Bostonians?

Hard working and smart, pragmatic but willing to dream!


How did you come up with the name of your company?

The name Rocket Farm Studios was born, as all great names are, over drinks.   My original founding partner just said “How about ‘Rocket Farm’?” one day right after the start of the company. And we loved it and the domain was free! Of course as with all great brands, we grew into the name and it grew to make a lot of sense to us. We farm Rockets. We grow high flying new products for corporations and entrepreneurs. Farming is very deliberate and takes a lot of time, care, and effort, but if done right you can grow amazing things.


What are your long-term goals with the company?

We are trying to build one of the top product development companies in Boston. We work with an extremely seasoned staff with a tremendous range of experience and our goal is continue to build our team


What makes ‘Rocket Farm Studios’ stand out?

What’s unique about us is that we can go end to end in two different dimensions for our clients. Deep down we are entrepreneurs, strategists, designers and hard core geeks and we mix those skills together really effectively to deliver value.


How do you like Boston? Is there a certain connection that you have with the city that inspired you to start the company here?

Boston is amazing. We’ve been part of the Boston startup/technology community for years. We started the company in Central Sq, Cambridge in 2008. We moved to our current home in the Seaport about 3 years ago. The Seaport is fantastic – it’s got so much energy and it’s right on the harbor. It’s literally growing up around us and of all the many places I’ve worked in greater Boston – which have been many – the Seaport is by far my favorite.


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