Expand Your Palate at Dine Out Boston


Dine Out Boston is back again and we could not be more excited! With over 200 restaurants participating there are plenty of options to choose from, but we thought it might be fun to select a few to highlight. Instead of going the normal route and making a reservation at your favorite Italian restaurant or steakhouse, maybe consider something a little different. Here’s where we think you should go to explore some new cuisines.

Seoul Kitchen

Seoul kitchen dine out boston

The owners of this restaurant describe their food as “bold and creative, yet traditional” Korean food. Their menu includes items such as Kimchi Spring Rolls, Poke Bowls, Sushi and yes- Korean BBQ. Visit Seoul Kitchen for a burst of Korean flavor.

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Blue Dragon

blue dragon dine out boston

This Asian Tapas restaurant had us at General Tso Chicken Wings. Blue Dragon is a great Dine Out Boston spot for some after work drinks and snacks, that will probably lead well into dinner. Share dishes like their fun take on Fish ‘n Chips and Lap Cheong Chicken Chorizo Dumplings. This menu is anything but boring!

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dine out boston

For some traditional tapas, this is the place to be. Estragon in the South End has all your Spanish Tapas favorites including Albondigas and Pallelas. Visit this restaurant for a lesson in Spanish cuisine and some top notch drinks.

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Bistro du Midi

Bistro Du Midi dine out boston
Instead of booking a flight to France, how about visiting the next best thing right here in Boston? Bistro du Midi has a menu will truly bring you across the pond and into Provence itself. If you are looking to dive into another culture and try something new there is no better place to go.

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Doretta Taverna & Raw Bar

Doretta dine out boston

No time to make a quick escape to Greece? No problem, Doretta Taverna & Raw Bar have you covered. Enjoy an authentic Greek meal surrounded by fun, contemporary art. Try a Village Salad at lunch with Falafel and maybe go for some Grilled Octopus for dinner. You’re sure to be telling everyone about your meal at Doretta the next day at work!

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Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk dine out boston

For a less mainstream culture experience, visit Elephant Walk where you will find Cambodian food. Try out their Cambodian Beef or their take on a Spring Roll for a completely new experience. Bring your friends along for the ride and try something new together!

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Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicana dine out boston

While Mexican food isn’t exactly far from the mainstream, this place is more traditional than your average Mexican Restaurant. Rosa Mexicano has a timeless vibe that matches their food. Choose from classics such as Mole Poblano, a side of Platanos and of course tacos. You can do no wrong!

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Wherever you choose to go there is no doubt you will enjoy your meal. For more updates on restaurants like those from Dine Out Boston, follow us on social media and check back for similar articles!

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