Dining At A Brazilian Steakhouse Is an Unforgettable Experience

Brazilian Steakhouse

I had the lucky opportunity to attend a dinner this weekend at an incredible Brazilian steakhouse here in Boston, known as Fogo de Chão. Located on 200 Dartmouth Street next to the famous prudential center in Back Bay, it is a must go-to and has slowly risen to my favorite restaurant in Boston. To top things off, it is all you can eat! There is a buffet wth all kinds of eclectic side dishes, from salads to meats and cheeses. After you indulge yourself in the buffet, there is a endless group of waiters and waitresses bringing you an incredible spread of meat on skewers. From rib eye to filet mignon, there is a type of steak for everyone (unless you are a vegetarian of course). As well as having an awesome mix of steaks, they have everything from raw to well done on these awesome skewers that they provide.


During this experience, they provide you with a chip that has two sides. The green side signals to the waiters that you want to continue the meat skewers to come around with meats of your choice, the red sign signals that you have finished your meal. My personal favorite was the filet mignon wrapped in bacon, yum! I will definitely be returning to all of the epic-ness that is Fogo de Chão.


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