Discover 5 Hidden Gems in Boston

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You might live in this awesome city for enough time that you think you know every secret of Boston; however, we are challenging your experience. We are here to reveal some of the coolest hidden spots of Boston. Take a look at our list and check these places out on the weekend!


1. Masterpieces of Terrible Arts – Museum of Bad Art

Boston museum of bad art

Photo Credit: Museum of Bad Art Website

If you are bored of those masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Art, you have something special prepared for you. The Museum of Bad Art has the most terrible art pieces you can imagine. There is no pressure of pretending understanding some abstract paintings. Feel free to make fun of those world-class worst arts.


2. Shhhhhpeakeasy – Backbar


Photo Credit: Beep. from Flickr

Do not want to jam in a crowded bar spending 30 minutes just to get a so-so drink on a Saturday night? Check out Backbar at Union Square in Somerville. This speakeasy bar is hidden behind a dark, rough metal door in a small alley that you may easily just pass by. It has comfy lounge sofa, cool wall paintings and the most creative cocktail menu in the city. If you come visit early between 4 and 6, remember to try their savory pork buns and ramen. Some people insist they are even better than the drinks.


3. Eat Ramen With Your Dream – Yume Wo Katare

yume wo katare

Photo Credit:  Yume Wo Katare Website

We are not saying it’s the best ramen place in the city (it could be though), but it is the coolest one. Varying days with open hours after 5 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturday, ramen here is made by a chef from Japan where the noodle itself is prepared from scratch in front of you. Located in Porter Square, Yume Wo Katare is not only serving delicious pork noodle soup but also selling customers the courage to think and chase dreams, which is the Japanese meaning of the restaurant’s name. If you can clear their giant bowl of ramen – although they call it regular, you will get praised by staffs around you shouting “S/he did a good job!” Isn’t it fun? Living in Boston, you cannot miss this funky, cool ramen place.


4. We Shop Shoes In A Convenient Store – Bodega

Bodega new apparelbodega sportswear lookbook

Photo Credit: Bodega SS ’15 Lookbook 

There’s no way to be cooler than taking your friends to shop footwear in a convenient store. Jay Gordon, the founder and owner of Bodega,  a shoe and sport apparel retailer hidden behind an entrance disguised as a Snapple vending machine in an old, dusty convenient store. This place is great for those who enjoy sportswear and street fashion to exploring the latest and exclusive trends that this store has to offer.


5. The Skinny House

Boston skinny house

Photo Credit: Boston at en.wikipedia

Besides John Hancock Tower, Prudential and well-known historic buildings, Boston has another unique architectural site worth to visit. This extremely narrow four-story house is located in one of Boston’s oldest neighborhood, North End. Built in approximate 1870s, the skinny house is actually a spite building completed out of sibling rivalry to block the view and sunlight of the next house. The narrowest part of this building is only 6.2 feet across. While walking on the Freedom Trail, don’t forget to check out this interesting house and share your photo with us.


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