Dr. Myron Allukian Jr. – A Juggling Dentist

Whether it’s in the dentist chair brushing up someone’s pearly whites, or on the stage juggling meat cleavers, Dr. Myron Allukian Jr. simply lives to make people smile. Throughout his life, Allukian has debated between a life of show business or dentistry. He eventually chose dentistry and has made great strides in the field since.

Allukian’s love for the field originated when he was a child and had a series of poor experiences at the dentist.

When he returned to the United States, he went on to study public health for three years at Harvard, worked as the dental director of Boston for 34 years, and was key in getting greater Boston fluoridated. Behind this successful and prestigious career, though, is a man who almost abandoned his dental dreams to become a professional juggler.

In high school, he decided to take his juggling hobby to the stage and perform at his Latin school’s talent show. After the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the audience, he decided to do it again the next year.
Looking to differentiate the act from the previous year and surprise the audience, he started brainstorming ideas on how to liven up the performance. The answer? Meat Cleavers. That year, he captured the mass’s attention by juggling three impressive butcher’s knives injury-free.
Shortly after, he was invited to be a contestant on the TV show, Community Auditions, and went on to win the show. After the victory, he received a call from an agent asking him to juggle professionally at night clubs. Show business had always appealed to him, so he accepted the offer. Allukian looks back on this time of his life as an incredible learning experience.
He continued to juggle throughout college until his senior year. During this time, his cousin asked if he wanted to drive to San Francisco with him. His cousin had just accepted a job there and presented the drive as a free road trip across the country and an excuse to visit California. When the pair drove through Los Angeles, Alukian requested that he be dropped off at Muscle Beach.
What he planned to be a short visit lasted through the entire summer. He spent days working out at the beach, hitchhiking, and relying on the kindness of his newfound friends to provide him with food and housing. During his adventure, he spent a period of time living in a fraternity house. He also taught the mayor’s wife how to juggle.
The trip came to a close when he received a telegram from his parents. They told him that the dean of the University of Pennsylvania requested that he come to their dental school. He quickly asked his friends at the beach for money for a flight home. Though none of them believed he was actually going to dental school, they gave him the money and he moved back to Boston.
After graduating from dental school, he rerooted himself in Boston and has been there ever since. When asked why he has stayed in Boston for so long, he didn’t have to think twice about his answer.

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