Evin, Storyteller & Creator

“Open the door. Branch out. Experience life.” says the Co-Founder & CEO of Waverley Knobs Entertainment.

Let’s start with a quote, piece of advice or motto that you strongly believe in.

“Open the door. Branch out. Experience life.” This is our business tagline and a statement that is very personal on multiple levels. We had to create our own door of opportunity to make WKE happen and we had to go beyond our comfort zones to get it to where it is now. On this end, it is about taking a passionate risk into a new adventure and every single day is a new experience that we take on head first.

It is also a reminder to us that our focus, on every project, should be the client. There are rules and concepts behind video/digital media but it is up to us to mold those around the story/branding of the client (branching out) instead of the other way around. It is up to us to find new ways of implementing concepts/ideas into something that will become just as unique as the client with whom we are working.


What inspired you to launch Waverley Knobs? If you hadn’t started the company, what would you be doing today?

What truly makes this company special is that it was created by film! Well, one specific film. . . Paperthin (Paperthin.VHX.TV)!

After years of being involved with other people’s projects, Tatiana Ivan and I decided to take on the task of producing our very own film from beginning to end. Paperthin was inspired by a play that I had performed in, and whose concept I truly believed would resonate strongly within a film medium. After several meetings with the playwright, I decided I would create an opportunity that would achieve the end goal of making an engaging, as well as entertaining, story with prevalent subject matter to today’s age.

Tatiana ecstatically joined in on the creation process to make the concepts and production into something tangible. Between the two of us and a volunteer-based crew, the film was written, planned and filmed in three months. Though it was hard work, our passion grew exponentially for the art and from our earlier experiences manifested Waverley Knobs Entertainment.

If we hadn’t created WKE, I know I would have created something else. I absolutely love creating things and seeing them go from concept to the tangible. I started a non-profit in Michigan, before coming here, and assisted in the growth of a start-up theatre group as well as video company when I first arrived to Boston.


The most memorable story that has occurred in your life so far?

The first memorable story that comes to my mind is the first acting course that I ever took in college. I remember walking in to a re-tired dance room/re-kindled theatrical rehearsal room. There was the misconception that we would jump right into acting in a scene/production. As we all awkwardly looked around the room, a grizzled stone-faced professor introduced himself and told us to get into groups of 4.

At this point, we all eagerly hustled into groups, thinking this was our moment to shine. We began hanging onto every second and every moment of silence until our professor told us to introduce ourselves to the group and to share our morning experiences up until we came to class that day. After, we all looked around the room, some with faces of confusion, others with disgust as they perceived this as the most expensive autobiographical moment of their lives. We each took our turns at sharing our mornings. At the very end, our professor said, “Congratulations, you have performed your first monologue.”

I can’t speak for everyone, but at that moment it blew my mind. What we did was the very essence of storytelling. The problem is when we add a stage or lights and a camera, the original meaning can be so easily overlooked. From there, theatre and film really began to connect with me on a completely different level and I have loved being involved with it ever since.

Shakespeare evidently had it right when he wrote:

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

As You Like It – Act II Scene VII


Describe your current life in one word and one word for how you want it to be 10 years from now.

–  (current) promising

– (in 10 years) valuable


Where is your favorite place to go, on a weekday afternoon, when you have no plans?

Anywhere by the water is fine by me. I love walking around the harbor, Seaport, or even traveling up to Revere Beach. We actually shot a film on Revere Beach (The Long Awake) late at night, and it was one of the best times I had as I was able to experience two of my favorite things (filming and water)!


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