A Passion For Fashion: Boston Photographer Captures the Scene

Fashion photographer Julie Warner was born knowing just what she aspires to capture – even if she didn’t always realize it.  Despite being in the fashion photography industry for just one year, she’s paving her way through New York, Los Angeles, and Boston fashion scenes.

From a young age she was inspired by the photographic elements of both modern and classic horror movies. She recalls being captivated by the mysterious moods of horror movies, a mood she strives to bring to life through her photographs. “I’m very intrigued by horror movies. I feel like you can do anything with the setup. You can make it natural. You can make it psychological. You can create any reality that these characters could be in.”

Some horror movies that really get her photographic juices flowing include 2012’s Chernobyl Diaries and The Woman in Black, starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe. Julie clarifies that it’s not so much the plot elements of these stories that intrigue her, but their mysterious setting and the captivating angles in which they are filmed. When she’s watching them, in fact, she’s not focused on the story line – but rather marveling at the stills and what an ideal shoot they would make.


Julie’s interest in fashion was founded at an equally young age. She cites her mom’s style savviness as her youth’s inspiration for her own interest in fashion. A Northeastern graduate who majored in political science, Julie chose to stick in Boston to pursue her dreams of fashion photography.

“I always loved Boston. I’ve always wanted to go to school here when I was younger. I love the closeness of the city. I think it was a great city to start shooting in because the community is really close-knit.” Ultimately, she plans to move to New York in the near future to take her career to the next level, but will forever credit Boston as the starting grounds for her artistic dream.

This year was Julie’s first time participating in New York Fashion Week, and she couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience, though she is in current hopes to get more editorial experience. The runway excitement won’t be ceasing anytime soon though, as Julie will be flying out for this year’s Los Angeles’ Fashion Week. When asked if she is intimidated by the hustle and bustle that dominates behind the scenes of fashion shows she admits she was at first, but knows the chaos is right up her alley.

Like any true passion, fashion photography consumes Julie’s world. She giggles without regret at the fact that she rarely has time for other hobbies. She attributes her profound interest and love of photographing fashion to her swift success in the field.

Julie is a walking, clicking example of how an impetuous passion for something can drive a human being to succeed at warp speed. Like the photographs she takes, Julie’s drive is a beautiful thing-and we’re proud to have such artistic talent in the neighborhood.  All we ask is to stay posted on her future successes….and maybe a few front row tickets to next year’s New York Fashion Week…

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