#FenwayFinds: Loretta’s Last Call

It’s no surprise that Boston is known for its Irish roots and many, many muggy basement pubs. We think you’ll agree that sometimes, a change of scenery is needed. Luckily, there’s one Fenway bar that falls outside this spectrum, and it’s an absolute must-try for every Bostonian: Loretta’s Last Call.

As a true northerner, the south (and southern culture) is not really my thing. Never have I been one for sweet tea, blue grass and line dancing; yet, at Loretta’s, I find myself enjoying all three. This southern-style bar and restaurant prides itself in its moonshine and live music; so, if you’re looking for a (semi) authentic southern experience in Boston, look no further than a night at Loretta’s.

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Get the best out of the South right in Boston’s backyard

Located on Lansdowne street, right outside of Fenway Park, Loretta’s bright lights, positive atmosphere and radiating warmth will entice you with the very first, “Hey, y’all” that you hear. Their schedule is packed with exciting southern activities like line dancing and country karaoke- so whether you’re there for their drinks or their food, you will definitely leave with a satisfying, one-of-a-kind experience.

Let’s start with their food. In true Tennessee fashion, their most-served dishes are hush puppies and fried chicken with waffles, but they also serve glazed pork belly, catfish, fried pickles and jalapenos—and, of course, a lot of biscuits. A dinner at Loretta’s certainly means a heavy, hearty, and sometimes spicy meal, so if you’re not looking to have your jeans unbuttoned when (or rather, if) you finish your plate, it might be wise to stick to drinking.

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The first thing you’ll notice about Loretta’s is the cute mason jar that your drink will come in. Loretta’s truly fosters a hospitable and warm environment, reminiscent of your Great Aunt Sue’s house during a family get-together. Its interior is cozy but can definitely get rowdy, especially post-Sox games or on a Friday night.

If you come in during a line-dancing sesh and find yourself searching for some liquid courage, their must-try drink is the “Porch Rocker Sweet Tea,” or sweet tea served with peach moonshine. And if that’s, literally, not your cup of tea, don’t worry. They have a fully stocked whiskey bar with a ton of custom alcohol infusions, so some other great drink choices include Habanero Tequila, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Tequila, Blueberry Honey Gin, Lemongrass Vodka, and Apple Jack Whiskey. And if you’re looking for a lighter liquor, they also have a decent beer selection, as well.

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So, next time you feel yourself itching for something a little different and exciting, try Loretta’s Last Call. Whether you go for their food, drinks, or dancing, Loretta’s will quickly become one of your Fenway favorites.

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