Food Wars: Battle for Boston’s Best Arancini

Boston's Best Arancini

When we think of Boston, one thing that always pops into our heads: The North End (because clearly, we think about food A LOT). So, we decided to bring Food Wars back to one of our favorite neighborhoods to test an Italian classic.

We’ve done cannoli’s and pizza, and an Italian sub was a little too predictable. We chose a crowd favorite, perfect for a starter or snack: arancini.

If you’ve never heard of this delicious Italian staple, you’re missing out. An arancini is a ball of fried risotto rice, typically filled with cheese, spinach, meats, or veggies. They’re both addicting and delicious.


Who’s In the Running?

We chose two favorite arancini spots in the North End to battle it out: Bova’s Bakery and Galleria Umberto.

Boston's Best Arancini

Bova’s Bakery is the North End’ favorite (and only) 24-hour eatery, famous for baked goods, calzones, and of course, big ‘ole arancini.



boston's best arancini

Battling against Bova’s is Galleria Umberto. This cash-only, old school, open 4-hours per day restaurant serves up big Sicilian style slices and large, crispy, meat and pea filled arancini.

Our three taste testers had the difficult job of stuffing their faces, and making the ultimate choice.

boston's best arancini

boston's best aranciniboston's best arancini

Who did they choose as the arancini champ? Watch and find out.




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