Fun Things to Do in Assembly Row

assembly row

Located in Somerville and just a few minutes away from the downtown Boston area, Assembly Row is a one stop destination for both locals and those new to the city as well. With its outlet prices, different events, entertainment options and the wide array of restaurants to choose from, it’s quickly becoming Boston’s ultimate hotspot.

So if you and your family or group of friends are planning to visit Assembly Row in the very near future, here are the fun activities everyone could get into!


Shopping at Outlet Stores

Assembly Row boasts of outlet stores of different designer names or those that have established their presence in the fashion industry. These wallet friendly stores allow you to shop until you drop, without creating such a dent in your bank account.

Stores like Adidas, Nike, Steve Madden, Express, Saks Fifth Avenue- to name a few, are the ones present in the area. With this, guests of the Row have a whole list of stores they could freely visit.

Watching a movie in the AMC Theater

The AMC Assembly Row 12 is a latest installment of the AMC franchise, and it is arguably one of the most state of the art out of all AMC Theaters around the city. In every row, there are leather reclining seats that make your cinema experience more comfortable.

Not only that, given the fact that there are many restaurants around to choose from, you can fill your stomach before the start of the movie. But if you’re the type to want to eat while enjoying the motion picture, this cinema allows patrons to order food online and be able to pick it up at their concession stand area right before they enter their designated theater.



Feeling like a kid again in Legoland

Planning to go visit Assembly Row with children? How about just wanting to switch things up for a date night or a night out with your peers? Legoland is definitely one of the most popular attractions that the Row has to offer that hit on both those questions!

With different exhibits (all made out Lego, of course), 4D rides and other activity areas for you and the little ones to share and enjoy, Legoland is there for the enjoyment of all ages- from young to old.


These top three things are what makes Assembly Row such a worthy destination. It doesn’t stop there though, as there are new things brewing that everyone can look forward to in the coming months.

Mike's Pastry Storefront in the North End neighborhood of Boston

Photo courtesy of Alexis Cruz

Mike’s Pastry’s third store

Mike’s Pastry is a Boston staple. And what’s even better about this iconic pastry shop is that it is planning to open its third store next year in Assembly- creating a wider reach for those who crave for their amazing treats, and adding another reason as to why Assembly Row is a go-to destination.

Trader Joe’s

The grocery that is renowned for its unique products adorning their shelves and low prices is coming to town! Trader Joe’s is also planning to open the grocery store that critics are pointing out that Assembly Row is lacking at present time.

Fear not though, for this well-loved store is making its presence known next year with its 12,500 square feet of area.

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