Go Explore The South End, Five Bars You Should Go

When you live in a hip place like the South End, it is extremely hard not to sit around for a little bubbly drink. The neighborhood with oldest buildings has set trends with its bars, and its ever growing and changing demographics have spread the word all over Boston. With its beautiful house architectures, tree-lined streets, waterfront, well managed schools and amazing recreational areas, this neighborhood doesn’t stay even one step behind in the consumption of ale and outdoor entertainment.

Keeping the high demand of relaxation of Irish American residents forth our eyes, we have recommended top 5 places to stop by in this neighborhood.

The Beehive

Located at 541 Tremont Street, this bar is a lot of stuff in one place. It’s got a warm, friendly interior and nice seating. Beehive’s got great food too. From the mouthwatering grilled cheese to the fantastic fried eggs, from the sweet confections of the cheesecake to the juicy steak tips, and all the marvelous things in between, there is hardly any part that Beehive avoids. As for the champagne, the bottles are as expensive as $120. But they even this out with their many options and one can easily opt for a $30-$40 bottle. All in all, a super place.

Wally’s Cafe

A bar and jazz club combined, Wally’s Cafe not only allows professional music artists to perform live but it also presents opportunities for hopeful student musicians. A lot of novice performers from Berklee College of Music get behind the mic and hold up with confidence. From Monday through Sunday these jam sessions are conducted and all of the tired souls gather around to amuse themselves. Wally’s Cafe has wines that you can afford and it is situated on 427 Massachusetts Avenue.

Wink & Nod

Don’t take the name too seriously as no charges will be filed against you if you smile or speak. Wink & Nod is a place to enjoy, not a home to deaf people. Located on the 3 Appleton Street in Boston, this bar copes verily with the modern standards of ambiance and modern cocktail selections. The bar’s menu keeps rotating and the dish that you ate last time here might not keep up appearances. But the place is great for its diverse drinks.


Great corner bar with lavish counters. The exterior of the Metropolis is also a scene of lush outdoors. The bar is located on 584 Tremont Street. It is not just a bar but also serves meals for your breakfast and traditional brunch requirements. You can get sandwiches, eggs, pork chops and many other yummy edibles in this compact area.

Deluxe Cafe

Something peculiar about Deluxe Cafe is its unique artwork that haunts the walls. One of them even shows record covers of Elvis Presley here. You can have cheeseburgers here. The food choices for every night are better than the last one. This place is an awesome choice for a weekend. Deluxe Cafe can be found at 100 Chandler Street in Boston.

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