Inspiration Behind Good Eats: Mundial and The Boston Tea Party Blog


Discover the inspiration behind Jessica’s Boston Lifestyle blog, The Boston Tea Party, and Food blog, ‘Good Eats: Mundial.’

1. We like the quote “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff”. Tell us more about ‘Good Eats: Mundial’ and how it came into being.

That quote is from my favorite foodie movie, Ratatouille. I had just moved to Atlanta and I needed something to occupy my time between job searches, especially because I knew no one in the city! So I began to write about the food scene. I have an adventurous palette but this was the first time I was being exposed to authentic southern cuisine.  I also wanted to revisit the foods and establishments I missed back home and in California by writing about them and posting pictures I had stored on my iPhone. From there it just took off to what it is today!

2. What inspired you to start blogging? 

I had felt a creative void in my life for a long time. I love photography and I enjoy writing…and the South was really a place that inadvertently inspired me to take up both those activities again. Atlanta is such an amazing place, and there’s so much to see and learn there that I couldn’t help but continuing writing. The inspiration was endless, for better or for worse.

3. Tell us more about your lifestyle blog. How did that come into being?

Although I love writing about food, there are a ton of other things I wanted to write about and feature that just didn’t fit the scope I had created for Good Eats: Mundial. So I went back to my Boston roots and called it “The Boston Tea Party – A revolutionary lifestyle blog.”
I want to provide a well rounded depth of content that is approached with a fresh perspective. That is to say: no BS. My life isn’t perfect tablescapes or impeccable outfits 24/7. I started this blog to speak to real people about real things. I think already that idea has taken off with a lot of our readers.

4. What are your hobbies/interests? Please elaborate.

My hobbies and interests are extremely varied. In addition to indulging in my love of photography and writing through my own blogs, I guest write for online publications as well.
My degree was in Arts Administration, so I’m often at museums or live performances. New England and Boston specifically is an incredible playground for someone who loves the arts.
Then of course, there’s cooking! I don’t just eat food! Since I’ve moved back I’ve spent a lot of time pulling recipes from my favorite chefs and pushing myself to learn new skills in the kitchen.

5. What are your favorite restaurants to eat at in Boston? Tell us about your favorite food cuisine and experience with cooking.

I always love visiting Sweet Cheeks BBQ and Taranta in the North End is also another favorite. I’m dying to try Blue Dragon now that I’m back in the Boston area! As far as a favorite cuisine, I’m not sure that I have one in particular. I fall back on Portuguese food a lot, and traditional Sicilian meals. In the past few years I’d say my experience with cooking as become more of a priority on my life. In that time I’ve realized what food means in the larger concept of culture and preserving family traditions. I want to be sure that I can carry on those traditions as well.
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