Goodbye, Papi! David Ortiz Retires

Red Sox legend David Ortiz is retiring.This time it is for real. What can we say that hasn’t been said before? We said goodbye a few weeks ago and were not sure how long the last stretch would be for. Sadly it came to an end last night in a 4-3 loss for the Red Sox against the Cleveland Indians. This is not a time for sadness and tears though.

It’s a time of appreciation and hopefulness. That 86-year-old famine of world series victories had dissipated in large part thanks to your home run power. The monkey is not on our back anymore. The demon has been slain. New challenges came up and they were conquered as well. Those of us who had the full experience of 2004 have a perspective that is a true gift. We may never be able to properly communicate what that experience was like to younger Red Sox fans, no matter what is written down in the history books or recorded.


Again, we thank you for all you did for the city. Being involved with charities, hospitals and the local community was a big part of what made you really shine. In 2013 you said what we were all thinking after the Boston Marathon attacks and helped us transition from a state of mourning to one of resilience and pride. This is your legacy and it goes beyond baseball.

You will always be on the roster for us in more ways than wearing the uniform. Enjoy your retirement. Don’t be a stranger to stop by and say hello once in awhile.




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