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Alison is a Boston local blogger, writing travel and lifestyle articles. At the same time, she is also a designer and small business strategist. We are glad that she is willing to share her story with us. Let’s take a look at her joy, success and accomplishment in her life.

What’s the story of the blog? When and why did you start the blog?

I started Green With Renvy when I was involved with real estate development. At the time, I was trying to learn about renovating homes in the most eco-friendly ways; it was a real education. As the real estate market softened and I was winding down the business, I wanted to share what I had learned by bringing together sources for designers as well as home owners who wanted to find environmentally friendly vendors. One thing led to another and two years ago I decided to narrow the focus of Green With Renvy to travel and lifestyle. Renovating your life in sustainable shades of green.

What’s the best thing you’ve accomplished so far in your career? What’s your goal in the near future?

I would be hard pressed to site one event. It makes me quite proud to know I struggled to balance family and career and now see two wonderful children leaving the nest and beginning to chart their own paths. I was in the fashion and home furnishings industry for over 20 years and my designs were carried in every major retail store in the country.  Yes it was a high point, but is so in the rear view mirror today. Manufacturing overseas certainly jumpstarted my love of travel, and at the same time opened my eyes to the abuse of the environment and workers in different parts of the world. Each piece of the puzzle has been a building block that has brought me to today. I continue to consult with small businesses and artisans about growing their brand and building their presence on social media.  For the future, I want to increase my audience on Green With Renvy and continue to sing the praises of healthy eating and sustainable travel: keeping it local whether at home or afar. If I can make you think twice about where you eat, what you cook or where you stay, then I am accomplishing my goal.

I’ve noticed that there was a change in your career, a change made you dedicate yourself to green lifestyle. Can you share your story with us?

I am actually in stage three of my career. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting with my earliest jobs in my teens. My circumstances and a bit of serendipity led me to the fashion and design company I established in 1978 and built for 20 years. Fast forward to the present and I am honestly just another citizen concerned about the state of the environment and the world we leave our children. I can pinpoint when I stopped eating meat however-after watching Food, Inc. I went cold turkey (so to speak) the next day. It should be required watching to know where your food comes from.


What was the hardest obstacle you’ve had? How did you overcome it?

To be honest, it might be cliche, but I’ve had a very blessed life. Looking at the big picture, makes me very grateful for the cards I’ve been dealt to date. Learning about blogging and the internet has been like learning a foreign language for me. (and I don’t excel at either) Being one of the few boomers at the time to step into the blogging arena has been a challenge and allowed me to step out of my comfort zone-which I always think is a good thing. I know I’ve ever worked harder in my life! That being said, I have met an incredible group of people who are willing to share information and travel writing has afforded me some opportunities I would never have had otherwise.

Last, what value do you believe in? What makes you who you are now? 

There is so much negativity in the world right now, I’d like to shine a positive light. I recently worked with PBS on a series they were premiering EARTH-A New Wild.  I was thrilled to be a part of it because it presented the struggle of climate change in a positive light. It is not all doom and gloom. Small actions can make a difference. It is my hope that readers visiting Green With Renvy will be inspired to perhaps visit a place that was not on their radar screen and help a struggling economy, eat and buy local at home and abroad, or take their own small steps to renovate their lifestyle in some way to make a difference.

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