5 Life-Saving Hacks For Living In Boston

Its true when you start living somewhere you have never lived before or you are just planning to move, you always want to do things in the most optimum way possible (unless you are the King of Saudi Arabia!). You need to consider food, travel, residence and several other commodities in order to decide the best for yourself. This article will tell you about most of the hacks for frugal living in Boston.

1. Travel

The first thing that comes to mind when moving somewhere is the travel. Although some of the economical people haven’t got a car, but you can pass a month with one tank of gasoline. But before you take the wheel, make sure to look up the most frugal path to your destination. A website that might help you is http://boston.traffichackers.com. Besides that, walking, bicycling and trains are also other options. The city also has year-round flights going to various famous countries and cities, all the time.

2. Social Media is the Best Bet for Foodies

There are free apps layering around on the app market. Get one and use it because that will get you to the restaurants that are perfect for you. Many of the eateries post about their stuff on the internet regularly. Keep your nose to the ground. An app you might find helpful can be accessed here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reserve-your-concierge-for/id919147310?mt=8. Fenway Park can also prove to be a suitable option. With the Cuban sandwich of El Tiante, hot dogs of Summertime Grill, beers of Taste of Fenway, you will be no more famished and full of taste. You can find clam chowder, lobster rolls and burgers of Gate D Concourse much economical. Also the 3rd Base Concourse that offers Fenway franks, corn dogs and Italian sausages are great.

3. Free Of Cost Entertainment

Yes, in the world where there is no free lunch, the Harvard Art does provide free entertainment on Saturdays from 10 in the morning to noon. This offer is for folks residing in Massachusetts. The hall is one thing to picture and the galleries are an example of their own. A mix of color and novelty fill up those walls.

Any local public library offers free passes to a selected number of Boston attractions and places that can be issued and returned. You should definitely visit the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology as they are free as well.

4. Residence

Nothing tires you more than finding the most suitable place to live. While the Boston streets are full of apartments and houses, and many people have been able to buy the houses but your best bet would be to live as far away from the transit line as possible. It might take you several minutes to go to the nearest stop and take a train but you will well be relieved on the housing costs. It might even be to your liking as the clean, coolness of Boston streets goes without saying. You can walk them all the way to the train and stay healthy.

5. Grocery And Retail Items

Boston residents who wish to save some cash on the grocery items should separate a net 300 bucks figure because that is the most economical solution as it can get. You can also gain a membership at the super stores that might save you some bucks. Moreover, don’t forget to shop the retail items in bulks as most of the stores offer discounts and that is the exact thing that you are looking for.

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