Public Defender Hannah Ibañez: The Driving Force Behind Lavender, Liberty and Lemonade

With the growing influence of social media and other online platforms nowadays used to get one’s opinions out there, Hannah Ibañez – a Florida based public defender has found a way to serve truth the way it should be served. Hannah is the creator of a podcast called Lavender, Liberty and Lemonade, which aims to foster a space where people can freely converse about anything under the sun- from people, politics and even to pop culture.

“Lavender represents spirituality, Liberty represents politics and law and Lemonade represents pop culture. I’ve always seen an opportunity for revolutionary change in each of these sectors and I saw the podcast as a way to bring all those together. From my boss, the fancy, chief public defender, from my friend who has a medical marijuana license and to my client who narrowly escaped homelessness, bringing all those people together in one place and sitting down, having a conversation with them, is where the revolution is.”

Her strong, opinionated, yet sweet demeanor reflects the content of her podcasts. Though sometimes centering around the inconvenient truths of today’s society, it certainly is a breath of fresh air to hear. From her experiences as a public defender- tackling cases relating to homelessness and even the issue of marijuana, each podcast brings a different social issue to the table and sheds much needed light on them.

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Ibañez was born in Belfast, Ireland and raised in Miami, Florida. Nonetheless, she found herself studying at Boston’s own Simmons College, to which she referred to as a place where she found her purpose. When asked how much of an impact Boston’s made in her life, she said:

“Boston was where I learned everything that I needed to know about politics, and how to really interact with different people around you. The city gave me a very different kind of toughness, it gave me the ability to be tough and passionate, but it also taught me how to be calm, articulate and kind of a more refined version of myself. Before I was a forest fire, but now, I know exactly where to hit.”

The idea of the podcast came about during her final year of law school after being introduced to it by a friend, after a heartbreaking morning during the 8th of November, she knew she had to do something. After working under former President Obama’s campaign team for years, she knew she needed to take it upon herself to spark changes of her own.

After her decision of taking matters in her own hands, the podcast came alive. Hannah, upon seeing all the injustices and corruptness first hand being in her line of work, decided that she wasn’t about to keep mum about things any longer.

She truly is someone who takes the title “public servant” seriously. She is someone who millennials would refer to as ‘woke’, and knows that she can make a difference in her own way.

“For whatever reason, love keeps losing to hate. But in reality, love will always outnumber hate.” She said. Her want to serve her community and protect the underdogs of society is what makes admirable.

Finally, her advice for those people who happen to have the same privilege as her and have the platform to speak up, yet hesitating if they can make a difference on their own, she says, “You only have one life, the worst thing that could happen is you fail. But you can always pick up a new plan and work on executing it. You have nothing else to do when you’re here on this earth besides love- love yourself and other people. Don’t be the voice that tells you no.”

She also had some advice for women and the opressed, “Don’t cut the guys slack, don’t let people cut corners around you. Don’t be afraid to say no. If you feel like you are being stepped on, don’t be scared to dig your heels and roll up those sleeves.”

One could not get any more inspiring as her. With her kind heart, and her fiery spirit, it won’t be long until her impact is felt wherever she wills it to be in. In addition to all of that, the great city of Boston is blessed to have played a huge role in her life.


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