Hidden Boston Restaurants For Crazy Thai Food Lovers

Boston thaifood restaurant

The addiction of Thai cuisine is no joke. Once you are reeled into the love of Thai Cuisine, the next time you go back for seconds, it won’t be the food calling for you but your cravings. It’s you. People always wonder what makes the food so amazingly delicious and yummy. Without even knowing the underlying ingredients and the “magic”, they keep coming back to the restaurants for more. Boston is host to all cuisines and styles. Where one can find Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, the cuisine involving Thailand food is no real exception.

So we provide all the crazy Thai food lovers in Boston with 5 suggestions and they are sorted from best to the little-best!

Phu-Ket Thai Restaurant

Very high rating and very good reviews are surrounding the internet surface. But still, few know about what a gem this place is. The service is outstanding, the people are good and the food is always begging you to have it. It’s delicious as much as it is filled with flavor. The restaurant is located on 1856 Centre Street West Roxbury.

Recommended Dishes: Hot And Sour Soup, Seafood Madness, Rama Garden

Dok Bua

Dok Bua restaurant is hidden on 411 Harvard Street. This little gem has super good food at very low prices. You can get pretty much anything for $10. The staff running this place is fast and they take your order seriously, yet have a smile on their face. The menu is diverse, giving you numerous options.

Recommended Dishes: Steamed Pork Dumpling, Crispy Thai Spring Roll, Golden bag

Sweet Chili

Sweet Chili presents every dish with perfect garnishing. “Chili” is hot but the “sweet” in the name lets you customize your spice requirements just as you want. The restaurant is located on the 470 Massachusetts Avenue and is known for its super quick delivery times. The prices are also great.

Recommended Dishes: Hot Basil Fried Rice, Bi Bim Bab, Thai Roll

The Similians

The mixed chicken food of The Similians is their specialty. Located on the 145 1st Street Cambridge, this restaurant serves some very delicious and tasty dishes to its customers. From appetizers to desserts, they have everything to make your mouth water. Thai food needs can be satisfied totally here.

Recommended Dishes: Country Pad Thai, Chicken Ribs Filled Egg Rolls, Fishermen’s Madness

Amarin of Thailand

Situated on the One Newton PI 287 Centre Street, Amarin of Thailand displays a well-managed and maintained seating as well as nice atmosphere. Best appetizers and delightful curries must also be give a try here.

Recommended Dishes: Chicken Satay, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Black Pepper Chicken Curry

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