4 Types of Must-Visit Places in Boston


Planning to visit Boston? Let us tell you the places you would love to wander around and would never want to miss. The following places shall mesmerize you with their beauty and benefits.

Harvard Square

Harvard Square is situated near Cambridge, Massachusetts and Harvard University. It is located in a highly populated pedestrian area where you can see street artists showing their talents alongside the road.

It is not merely a shopping center, but it is known for its historic background. It has been the residence of a famous colonial poet, Anne Bradstreet. The Harvard Square Subway Kiosk is a historic kiosk, which was built in 1928 as the new main head house for the previously opened Harvard Square subway station. Many movie scenes have been filmed around Harvard Centre which assures the beauty and importance of this place.

Multiple restaurants, shopping places and movie theatres within Harvard Square making it a must visit place whenever you pass by!

Top Restaurants in Boston

Sam LaGrassa’s is considered to be one of the topmost restaurants in Boston where you will find delicious meal within perfect environment. Other top restaurants you would surely not want to miss in Boston are listed.

  • Italian Express Pizzeria
  • Ostra
  • Pizza Regina
  • Mistral
  • Mamma Maria
  • James Hook and company
  • The Capital Grille
  • Nico
  • La Voile
  • Panza

Public Places in Boston

  • Boston Public Garden is stationed in the heart of Boston, adjacent to the Boston Common. It was established in 1837. The park is taken care of by Boston city and contains the beauty of tree plantings of more than 70 kinds. Statues and structures make the scenes eye catching and worth seeing.
  • Boston mini speed boats give the insight of Italy with fun.
  • Another interesting place in Massachusetts is the New England aquarium with its special exhibitions and shows. The live animal presentations are held where most interesting animals are brought for public view. Different types of animals are presented like sea turtles, sharks, barracuda, penguins and harbor seals. These Harbor seals are taught to say “Hello” and to kiss for amusement of the tourists.
  • The Institute of Contemporary Art is an art museum situated in Boston, Massachusetts. From its establishment it has gone through multiple name changes and its gallery has relocated over 13 times.
  • Fenway Park is a baseball park in Boston. It acts as the city’s baseball franchise.
  • Must grab tickets to a performance at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

History Exploration

  • To seek about the revolution movement in America, one needs to visit Boston Tea Party and Ships museum. There you can see with an interactive experience of how the revolutions in America lead a path to a free country.
  • Harvard University is America’s oldest university which was founded in 1636. It is situated in the heart of Boston near all the beauty this city has to offer.
  • The oldest church in Boston named, “Old North Church” is a recommended place to visit as well.




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